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Ethiopia: UNICEF Horn of Africa Drought Situation as of May 31, 2019

Source: UN Children's Fund
Country: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda

Regional Situation and Needs in the Horn of Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Somalia
  • 21.5 million people in need of humanitarian services#

  • 9.5 million children in need of humanitarian services#

  • 12.8 million people (6.2 million children) food insecure (IPC Phase 3+)

  • 896,127children requiring SAM treatment

  • 14.4 million people are in need of water

  • At least7.2 million children are out of school

  • Amongst the lowest cumulative rainfall totals since 1981 across parts of the Horn of Africa

  • At least 14 million people will be food insecure (IPC3+) when food insecurity will peak between June and October

  • Rising staple food prices limit food access

  • Crop production up to 50 percent below average

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