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Exclusion of PDM from Consultations with R-ARCSS non-signatories

March 14th 2019,

Dear Excellency Ambassador Ismail Wais,

IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan

Your Excellency, I hope this finds you well.

PDM is aware of your esteemed office lately making every effort to reach out to and engage with all the non-signatories of the 12th September 2018 R-ARCSS.

PDM is aware of your recent meetings to consult only with Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka of NAS, Paul Malong of SSUF/A, and Gen. Oyai Deng Ajak as came in communications from your office.  Your office has excluded reaching out to PDM as one of the non-signatories listed in the R-JMEC report to be engaged by your esteemed office, but so far ignored in your letter of invite for consultation with the said non-signatories.

The selective consultations with NAS, SSUF/A and Oyai Deng is seemingly because they are all military generals with the potential to use armed means if not already doing so as in the case of NAS against Government aggression on their positions in Yei.

The fact that PDM is a non-signatory too does not seem to register in your invitations for consultations, against IGAD directives on engagement with the non-signatories.

The approach of excluding other non-signatories who were party to the HLRF process is therefore discriminatory against PDM and NADAFA allies of which PDM is a member. Furthermore, PDM stance and declared position to open up the R-ARCSS for renegotiation to incorporate our demands is not any different from the position of NAS and SSNDA.

Yet for whatever unexplained reason, your role as IGAD Special Envoy with a mandate to reach out to non-signatories of R-ARCSS is inconsistent for excluding PDM and NADAFA from any consultations with all non-signatories.

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This conduct and partiality of your office; for excluding NADAFA and PDM from consultations or any meetings with all the non-signatories whether individually or collectively as a group is regrettable and is grossly unfair and inconsistent with IGAD’s directives to your office.

It’s not that PDM are expecting any real break through in your consultations with the non-signatories given that your office and IGAD are repeatedly refusing to reopen R-ARCSS to incorporate the demands of the non-signatories.

However, we are concerned that the partiality of your office in its selective consultations which excluded PDM and NADAFA, is instructive of the importance your office places on those with the means to use force rather than peaceful negotiations to effect changes in South Sudan.

Having stated the above, PDM and members of NADAFA have concluded that IGAD is choosing and encouraging conflict over reopening R-ARCSS for negotiation to incorporate fundamental demands of our peoples and constituencies that we represented during the HLRF process, and which demands so far still remain unfulfilled.

The consultations with the non-signatories of R-ARCSS which excludes PDM and NADAFA alliance falls short of full conformity with the directive of the IGAD Council of Ministers of the 66th Extraordinary Session of Addis Ababa.

Accept assurances of our highest regards.

Dr. Hakim Dario,

Chair, People’s Democratic Movement (PDM)

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