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Fasting: 6 surprising health benefits of fasting

It doesn't have to be for religious reasons

There are various types of fasting and people fast for different reasons.

The most common type of fasting is religious fasting. For instance, Muslims fast during Ramadhan and some Christian members fast during the Lent period for religious purposes.

Well, you may not be a religious person but either way, you need to give fasting a try – at least for your health. Health? Yeah, you got that right.

Fasting has some health benefits that are backed up by science. They include:

1. Detox


When you are not eating, it means that you are not introducing any toxins to your body. It works best when you stay away from food and only drink water and juices that help in clearing up toxins.

2. Healthy skin

Your body gets a good chance to concentrate on other things besides digestion when you are not eating. For instance, it focuses on regeneration of new cells that replace the dead skin cells leaving you with a healthier and clearer skin.

3. Brain function

If you have been battling brain fog, try fasting for improved brain function. Studies have shown that fasting helps in the production of new nerve cells in the brain as well as the brain protein. This improves your mental health.

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4. Growth hormones


Fasting increases the levels of growth hormones. Growth hormones are popular in sports since they make up the performance-enhancing drugs. Growth hormones help in burning fat, reducing recovery time for injuries and achieving strong muscles.

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5. Insulin sensitivity

Fasting improves insulin sensitivity thus enhancing the absorption of nutrients when you eat. When you fast, the levels of insulin go down and this helps in breaking down fat.

6. Immune system

When you fast, the cells start regenerating and the old ones are replaced. Once the old cells are replaced, the new ones start cleansing your system and your immune system gets to another level.





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