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Finance Minister, Salvatore Garang Mabior: The Bastion for our Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity.

By: Simon Yel Yel, MAR/23/2019, SSN;

Thought not blood, unmeasurable ink has been spilt over the Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Hon. Salvatore Garang Mabior. But the truth remains: He is not corrupt as being misleadingly alleged. That’s the reason I don’t buy all these corruption allegations born of consummate hatred and insipid circumlocution which have been circulating on the online media for sometimes now. It’s merely a political attrition in play.

All these platitudinous sermons carry no shred of truth by any imagination. They are being purposely contrived and propagated by his political nemesis to settle political scores.

However, his legacy is imprinted in a hard stone. Even if he is thrown into political oblivion by this exotic politics of subterfuge and egregious lies – and I am sure he will withstand all the odds and continue climbing the ladder of stardom and greatness, his legacy is written in the hard rock.

Upon his appointment, he has successfully managed to ameliorate the living conditions and that is why the country is now economically convalescing.  Get your popcorn and let me peel your eyes. His achievements are ineffable and here are the headlines.

  1. The salaries of civil servants:

When he was decreed by the President to head the ministry of Finance, he got civil servants in all states hadn’t received their monthly salaries for eight months. Do you know what he did? He appropriately collected the oil proceeds and other sources of revenues and approved the salaries of six months to be paid to civil servants in all states intermittently. It went well as planned.

And as you are now reading this article, the minister has closed this salaries gap from six months to only two months. This gap was created and maintained by his predecessors for the reasons known best to them. The minister achieved this unthinkable thing in just less than one year in the office. Now, there is no issue of delayed salaries again in the states.

  1. The salaries of the foreign missions:

Unless you are living in the Mars, if you don’t know this. When Hon. Garang was appointed into this docket, our embassies weren’t receiving their salaries for a period close to thirteen months. As things stand now, he paid their salaries of eight months. The embassies which were half-closed are now fully operational. This is a courtesy of the Hon. Minister.

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Hey, don’t shoot me dead or grill me for obsequiousness. These are incontrovertible facts that a man living as far as in Maban area knows. I am not extolling him. But it is the truth I am telling you.

One may wonder which type of a stainless steel is Hon. Garang made of and how did he rise up to the national politics. Let me reveal to you these tips of the iceberg: Hard work and professionalism. That is his motto. His rise is not by a pure serendipity.

Yes, Hon. Garang is not a member of what Dr. Majak Agot called the ‘gun class.’ However, he has won the president‘s trust due to his trending madness of a workaholic. Indeed, his zeal for a good work, virtuousness, patriotism, loyalty, and professionalism coupled with undisputable administrative experiences of producing a strong and synergistic work output, which are very rare traits in many politicians, are the desiderata for such a top job.

He is a true nationalist who doesn’t subscribe to the politics of tribes and sections. He is a committed personality who aspires for the economic welfare of all South Sudanese. To many, he is a role model and indeed a source of inspiration to many young economists.

When he was appointed to head that ministry, he immediately found out that the ministry of Finance has become the hotbed of corruption cartels and indeed a paradise of get-rich-quick wannabes. That’s why he has done some house keepings which made the beneficiaries running amok.

As if it was bound to happen irreversibly, when he uprooted and dismantled these networks of cartels, they tend to besmirch his reputation by hiring some writers to disseminate the fabricated outright lies to corrupt the minds of the public, as well as the leadership of the country.

But the truth is this: Hon. Garang has done what all his predecessors has never done. He looked the corruption cartels into the eyes and told them to jump into the River Nile. He is not for rent nor to serve the interest of the few for him to remain in that seat for eternity. If doing right things can cost one’s job, let be it. His heart whispered to him.

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Hon. Garang has firm principles and he can’t compromise them for materials gain, comes high water.  That’s why he has reshuffled some staffs in the ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and sealed off their siphoning channels where the public money is being drained off from. Bravely, he concealed all the shoddy business contracts of these corruption cartels of finagling wealth and dwarfing our economic growth.

All these administrative actions aimed at rescuing the economy and reforming the system, have earned him some detractors. His detractors fall into three categories which often intersect:

The first group is made of some prominent business men who have been looting the public money in the ministry of Finance through fake contracts. They often lie to minister to have brought some food items or having completed some developmental projects, and laugh all the way to the bank with cheques worth millions of dollars.

Now, Hon. Garang has brazenly told them that he is in charge and can’t connive such an economic crime to happen at his watch while folding his hand. You either be honest and earn what rightfully belong to you or jump into River Nile. He declared to them.

The second group is composed of his political competitors and political power brokers. It is the most dangerous group. They work day and night to generate something out of nothing which is capable of producing unpleasant odor and smear it on Hon. Garang. The main aim is to corrupt the President’s mind and give him the boot, and indeed for his popularity to fall.

However, these political power brokers don’t understand that President Kiir doesn’t give his ears to outright lies. He only believes his ears and eyes. And that is why he sacked Hon. Kosti Manibe in 2012 on his first squinting. It wasn’t done on allegations like these. But on what he personally saw.

Also, they don’t understand that Hon. Garang has no price tag. No price depreciation when it comes to him. His popularity can’t be caused to freely fall flat by these egregious lies. Despite all these attritions, he is as constant as gold’s price.

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The third group is composed entirely of corruption cartels in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. This group is composed of directors and junior staffs.  They begrudge the Hon. Minister because he has reshuffled them and sealed off all their siphoning points.  This is a group that strives on corruption as a way of making a living. That’s why even the average staff with a paltry of 3,000 SSP salaries could buy mansion in Uganda and Kenya and take their kids broad to study.

This interwoven unholy trinity supports, facilitates, cover-ups, and benefits from the corruption which has invaded the Ministry of Finance for long. They (the three groups of detractors) are Siamese triplet. They think alike and have the same interest. They are littering the online media platform with these unfounded allegations because the minister has sealed off all their sources of illegal money. That’s the reason they are wreaking havoc on the media. All what they want is someone (the minister for Finance) who they can drive and control. There is no truth in what they are propagating.

That is the compendium of Hon. Garang’s detractors. Can you believe them? Of course not.  That’s why I say, Hon. Garang is the victim of exotic politics of subterfuge, egregious lies, and dangerous distortions.  He is being targeted for doing a right thing.

Conclusion: Hon. Garang is the bastion of our economic growth and prosperity. This is because no great institution can formulate programs for itself or execute programs by itself. That is why always it is important to have a public servant with a sense of nationalism, fear of ignominy and God, zero tolerance for corruption, uncompromising professional integrity, to formulate and execute the programs for any institution.

And this public servant is none other than the Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Hon. Salvatore Garang Mabior, the bastion of economic recovery, growth and prosperity in the Republic of South Sudan.

(Disclaimer: I don’t hold brief for neither Hon. Salvatore Garang Mabior nor anyone on this. These are facts from Suk Malisha. If these fact angered you, get burst at your own risk).

Simon Yel can be reached via


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