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Foreplay: 3 ways you’re touching her wrong

3 ways you’re touching her wrong

Could you be wasting your time when it comes to foreplay? Definitely not because foreplay is everything.

Foreplay is something you never, ever want to skip before sex.

Your partner can tell a lot by your touch, including exactly how you feel about touching her. So, your bad touch will speak louder than any words. Here are ways you’re messing up the foreplay.

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1. Man-handler

If you are so caught up in enjoying yourself that you forget that the breasts in your hands are attached to a warm body, you are probably manhandling your girl. Man-handling simply tells her that you don’t have the experience to touch her like you know what you’re doing, or the knowledge to notice that you aren’t hitting the right buttons. Calm down, take a few deep breaths and try to pay attention to her reactions when you touch her.

2. Rough and tumbler

Maybe you think you’re being aggressive or dominant, strong or unyielding, but getting rough without the clear go-ahead can be scary and can put the person you love in a pretty awkward position. This kind of attitude tells her that you don’t respect her body or her boundaries.

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3. Nervous nelly

What does a nervous touch tell a woman? You are supposed to be thinking on how to make her feel good instead of worrying about what she thinks. You’re not between her legs to craft some thesis on the poetry of her beauty. You’re there to be the best sex toy she’ll ever enjoy. Get over yourself and get to work.

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