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Foreplay: Here’s how to kiss a girl and make her go wild on you

Here's how to kiss a girl and make her go wild on you

Actually, kissing a girl properly is one of the best ways to turn her on.

With a kiss, you allow a woman’s imagination to go wild, which will have her all over you in no time.

Here's how to kiss a girl and make her go wild on you.

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1. Does she want to be kissed?

You don’t want to surprise a woman with a kiss when she’s not ready, because it can totally fail and depending on the woman’s mood, it could ruin the whole evening. You want to feel the situation out first and make sure you’re fairly confident that she wants to be kissed before you actually head in for the smooch. So, to find out if she’s really ready for you to make the next move, get in your girl’s space while flirting. Move in closer to your girl and touch your lady’s hand or arm softly. How does she respond? If she seems to like it, that’s your cue to continue.

2. Know when she doesn’t want to be kissed

Timing is everything when it comes to seducing a woman. You don’t want to do it when she’s not responding well to your advances, because that usually means that she’s just not in the mood. If she doesn’t seem into it, it doesn’t mean that she’s not into you– in fact, quite the opposite may be true. If she doesn’t want you to make a move now, she may still be into it later.

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3. Easy does it

If she seems ready for kissing, it’s important to start easy and gently, work your way into building it up into something more passionate. You don’t want to start off with your tongue right away – even if she’s ready for a kiss, if you dig into your woman with your mouth right off the bat, you’re going to turn her off immediately and probably cause her to shut down for the rest of the night. If she backs off a little or seems uninterested in what you’re doing, switch it up and do something a little different.

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