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Gola Boyoi and Tarir Makoi’s membership in SPLM are questionable


By Wani Gore Kosa

Photo: Chairman of South Sudan National Youth Union (SSNYU) Gola Boyoi Gola

Photo: Chairman of South Sudan National Youth Union (SSNYU) Gola Boyoi Gola

OPINION – Before I narrate how the above two crooks snatched into South Sudan National Youth Union, let me highlight the facts that both of them are non SPLM members. Both Tarir Makoi and Gola neither have SPLM registration identity cards nor participated in any SPLM activity. Tarir Makoi have never passed near any SPLM office in his life as well as his boss Gola Boyoi. His name (Tarir) can’t qualify him to earn membership in SPLM.

Tarir Makoi was born in the hand of NCP and nurtured by Arabs ( NCP) in Khartoum. Since his mother is an Arab, he was named after his maternal grandfather known as Tarir. His grandfather’s name is Tarir Mohammed Abdelaziz. Tarir Makoi is a Muslim by religion and he has no knowledge about his tribe’s cultures and norms.

Tarir Makoi Ater was brought to Juba after the signing of CPA in 2005. While in Juba, he founded a notorious gang group known as ” Toronto boys” in 2010 and at the same time, he claimed to be an artist ( musician). His photo is attached below.

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Tarir Makoi served as a leader and founder of Toronto boys from 2010 until 2018 when he was advised by his relatives to abandon criminal activities. There after, he was employed by Nilepet Company Ltd. With Toronto Boy’s mentality in his mind, he stole thousands of dollars from Nilpet. So the managing director of Nilepet Dr. Chol Deng formed a committee and the committee dismissed him ( Tarir)

After his dismissal from Nile pet, he tied to join street politics at tea place called Hope Tree opposite Juba University in 2018. Tarir didn’t join SPLM one day. From tea place to South Sudan National Youth Union in 2019. Having found himself in the National Youth Union, he though that he is in heaven. He and his boss Gola Boyoi, the former Cobra faction’s commander are not SPLM members nor participated in any SPLM activities.

On 20th May 2020, Tarir Makoi (Spokesman of SSNYU) and his boss Gola Boyoi stormed the SPLM National Youth League office with heavily armed security forces. Tarir Makoi and his boss Gola Boyoi intimidated the SPLM cadres and arrested many of them. On top of  those arrested was Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac, the SPLM diehard supporter. The arrest and intimidation of SPLM cadres by Tarir and Gola put question mark on their loyalty  to SPLM.

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Background of Gola Boyoi Gola

Gola Boyoi Gola hails from Murle Community in Greater Pobor Administrative Area. He was born in 1975 in Pibor. He later pouched an age assessment certificate by claiming that he was born in 1989 during the second convention of South Sudan National Youth Union. Gola Boyoi was educated by his Sister’s husband Gen. Ismail Konyi in Khartoum. he completed the Sudan Secondary education and later, he pouched an University degree after he was discontinued in Nilen University in Khartoum.

In 2010, he joined National Security training and graduated as a corporal. In 2012, he defected to Murle dominated Cobra Faction under the leadership of Gen. Yau Yau Jurkuch. In 2014, after the government signed peace with David Yau Yau, Gola Boyoi was integrated into National security as a first lieutenant.. In 2019, he was installed as military chairman of South Sudan National Youth Union by the Nation Security. This is how he found himself in the national youth union. He has never being a politician nor participated in any youth activities.

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