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GOSS Shuffles Ministry Undersecretaries

The GOSS has just announced the a reshuffle of Ministry Undersecretaries as of today.

The changes include:

Dr. Cirino Hiteng — Ministry of Presidential Affairs:
Rebecca Joshua Kwaci – Pubic Service
Majok Mading – National Expert to the FVP Office
Gorge Justin Achor – Ministry of Regional Cooperation
Deng Biong Majak – Legal Affairs
Daniel Wani – Housing
Dr. Makuei Malual – Agriculture
Lt gen Frasier tong – Wildlife and Tourism
Chuor Deng Mareng – Commerce and Industry
William Acer Maciek – Energy and Mining
Mark Zenabayeo- Employees Justice
Raymond Pitia Morebe — Roads and Transportation
Waragak Gatluak — Animal Resources
Martin Mou Mou — Education Science and Technology
Willaim Ater Maciek – Energy and Mining
Rebecca Joshua Kwacha — Public Service

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