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Gov’t dismisses Prof Mahmood Mamdani claims

The government spokesperson Micheal Makuei has refuted claims by a Ugandan professor that the recently signed agreement is meant to benefit Sudan and Uganda.

Last month, a Ugandan academic – Prof Mahmood Mamdani wrote an opinion article in the US-based New York Times titled “The trouble with South Sudan’s new peace deal”.

In his article, Prof Mahmood Mamdani argued that Uganda is hoping to playa a leading role in training the South Sudan army under the military co-operation.

He also said Sudan has leverage to revive its oil Sector and provide troops to protect the installations.

Prof Mahmood – who is also professor at Columbia University in the United States further stated that South Sudan is on its way to becoming an informal Protectorate of Sudan and Uganda, by formally acknowledging them as guarantors.

In response, the information minister, Michael Makuei rubbished these claims.

“Those who say Sudan has taken our oil and Uganda has taken our business and South Sudan has got zero in the peace agreement, this is not correct. Those who say our country has been taken away, they are agitators.”

He said the peace agreement was Mediated by Sudan and Uganda under IGAD because the two countries have a better understanding of South Sudan’s situation.

“We said let the Ugandan force come to monitor the implementation of the agreement, this has nothing completely to do with whatever.”

The minister said Sudan is aimed to get more taxes from transportation of oil and not after oil.

“For the oil, Sudan government is not taking any oil, but what they are doing is that they are assisting us so that we produce oil so that they get more taxes. And with the production of more oil, we will be getting more revenue, this is all what they are after. So if there are people who say oil is taken, let them tell us how?”

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Other guarantors to the peace agreement include IGAD countries, the AU, and International partners.

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