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Health: 10 great things that happen to your body when you quit sugar

Try it for a week

Sugar, ah so sweet and tempting but also so destructive!

If you’re anything like me, then you’re the kind that cannot fathom how people take sugarless tea, or how people quit sugar. I have a work colleague who began to monitor how much sugar I put in my coffee cause I’m the kind that goes even up to 4 spoons in my coffee, I know, I know, terrible habit. But, it really is time to quit sugar and you should maybe join me cause the benefits of cutting out sugar, and not just the sugar we put in our tea but also things with processed sugar – the sodas, candy and what not are immense. If it’s impossible to cut it out for good, start with a week or a month, for these benefits:

1. You will have better skin.

If you constantly have skin breakouts and a returning acne, that could be due to excess sugar. Sugary foods can cause acne, premature aging and other skin disorders.


2. Your risk of diabetes will go lower.

Increased insulin levels in the body caused by excess sugar can trigger diabetes.


3. You will lose weight.

This is no brainer. Sugar leads to weight gain since it’s very high in calories. Cutting down on sugar will finally help you shed a few kilos.

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4. Improved digestive system.


5. Improved heart health.

Increased insulin levels trigger an increase in blood pressure which in turn affects your heart.

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6. Good teeth.

Remember your mother telling you not to crush sweets when you were young? Sugar leads to teeth decay and other dental problems. If you want to have a good smile for longer, then you better cut down on that sugar.



7. Your liver health will be better.

More sugar means higher chances that your liver has to produce lots of fat and a fatty liver is not healthy.


8. Better moods.

A Columbia university study found that people who eat a diet high in added sugar are more likely to experience anxiety, mood swings and stress.



9. Improved memory.

Less sugar will save the brain cells from damage and keep you mind sharp.


10. You will save money.

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