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Hemetti sided with Sudanese revolution and should be accepted accordingly: Mahdi


TMC deputy leader Hemetti shakes hand with opposition leaders after the agreement on Sudan transitional authority on 5 July 2019 (ST Photo)

December 14, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – The leader of the National Umma Party, Sadiq al-Mahdi, called to end hostile statements against the general commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and said his support to the popular revolution against the ousted regime of al-Bashir was sufficient to accept him in the nation-building process.

Mohamed Hamdan Daglo Hemetti’s participation in the transitional authority remains a controversial issue in the Sudanese street and among the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), especially after the involvement of his forces in the attack on the pro-democracy sit-in on June 3.

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In a speech to his supporters in Ed-Damazin town of the Blue Nile state on Saturday, al-Mahdi said that there was a need to reform the Sudanese army, which was destroyed by the al-Bashir to ensure that he remained in power, as he said.

“You cannot make a wish to address the issue of RSF. I was the first to criticize Rapid Support (Forces) and as a result, was filed against me a lawsuit that caused my arrest in addition to an accusation punishable by death,” he added.

The NUP leader further recalled that the Prophet Muhammad in the beginnings of Islam accepted the support provided by those who, before embracing Islam, were among his worst enemies.

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“If Hemetti’s position was as it is known, and then he sided with the demands of the people, he should be treated positively according to his actions, and he and those who are with him should be accepted in the task of the country-building process,” he stressed.

He underscored that the charges against the RSF militiamen will be investigated and dealt with through transitional justice mechanisms.

Besides the killing of peaceful protesters in Khartoum, the paramilitary force is accused of war crimes in the Darfur region and the Two Areas.

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In addition to the atrocities committed by the SRF, there are many allegations about Hemetti’s control of the gold mines in Darfur and the establishment of media outlets to promote him and his militia as well as his relationship with some countries in the region.


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