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Here’s why you should eat kiwi fruits during pregnancy

For your health and that of the baby

Kiwi fruit is known to be one of the healthiest fruits on earth.

While everyone should eat it regularly, pregnant women should do it even more. When pregnant, you most likely will crave for things that have no nutrition benefit to you or even your baby. You may never crave for a kiwi fruit but regardless, you should eat if for your sake and that of the baby.

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Here are some reasons as to why pregnant women need to eat kiwi fruit:

1. Folate


Usually, during antenatal care, women are given folate in hospitals. Folate aids in cell formation and it’s the most important nutrient for the development of the fetus. Kiwi contains folate and consuming it more often means that your baby will develop with all the vital organs. It’s also known to prevent miscarriages.

2. Blood sugar regulation

During pregnancy, gestational diabetes is not uncommon. However, kiwi fruit has natural sugars that help curb cravings for artificial sugars. The sugars present in kiwi do not spike up the insulin levels but ensures there is a balance.

3. Immune system

Pregnant women are more prone to infections. Kiwi is rich in antioxidants that combats free radicals and keep diseases and infections away from the mother and the fetus.

4. Vitamin C


Kiwi has high levels of Vitamin C making the perfect for the mom and the developing baby. Vitamin C also helps in preventing stretch marks after pregnancy.

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5. Puts hormones in order

Your hormones can go out of control during pregnancy. At one point you are angry and the other you are feeling sad for no apparent reason; all due to hormonal changes. Eating kiwi helps in stabilizing the hormones.

6. Aids in digestion

Constipation is quite common during pregnancy. Kiwi is so full of fiber and it prevents constipation and hemorrhoids.

7. Iron


Pregnant women tend to be iron deficient. A deficiency in iron could lead to pale skin, nausea and poor appetite. Kiwi has iron which helps in production of red blood cells as well as the transfer of oxygen.

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