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As there are many good hotels listed on this site, I have divided them into four pages, Hotels along the River Nile, Hotels along Thong Ping road, Hotels from the Airport into Juba town and Hotels in other areas. Please jump to a particular page for details.

There are very many good hotels with a variety of services, so shop around. Prices tend to be around $130, so hotels differentiate by the following:

Location is very important. You can chose to be near town, near the Airport, near the NGO’s, near the U.N. offices and Ministries or by the River banks depending on how long you are in town.

Ownership, can be either Sudanese, British, American, Chinese, Eritrean, Ugandan, Kenyan, Lebanese or Indian and the menus served and the decor and style will normally reflect the ownership, and the TV in the main areas will normally be tuned to different news channels or movies depending on the nationality of the owner, and the staff will often be from that country.

Services like wireless internet, satellite TV, fridge, design of rooms, barber shop, salon, gym, massage, cyber cafe, office block, pool table may differ from hotel to hotel.

Security – some hotels are open entrance, you can walk in or out as you wish, while some have a closed gate where only guests and their invited friends are allowed in. Generally the whole city is safe, very few incidents of missing valuables are reported, but like all over the world caution is advised.

In addition to those listed on this site there are many other budget hotels that I have not included in the guide, many in the Malakia commercial area, others in Thong Ping and other areas. I have only listed the hotels that cater for international customers. There are also tented camps for those who just want basic services.

As there are many Hotels in Juba I have divided them by areas, River side hotels, City Center, Tong Ping are and hotels in other areas. Please jump to the next pages for details.

There are more than 50 new hotels that have come up in 2012. When I get time I will add them.

As I travel around the country I will also update you on the hotels in other towns. Since there is no page for that, here goes:

Hotels in Other Towns of The Republic of South Sudan

Hotels in Bor Town

Bor is the capital of Jonglei State and there are many state government ministry offices as well as an airstrip, a petrol depot and a power station. Bor town is on the River Nile, a four hour drive North of Juba. Bor town has one bank, the KCB, and a large well laid out market for clothes, hardware and household goods. There are very few fruits and vegetables, as the inhabitants are nomadic pastoralists. There are a lot of fresh fish and fresh goat and cow meat.

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At the Ministry of Wildlife there is a mini zoo with one lion, many small crocodiles, several ostriches, including some small ones you can feed by hand, one monkey, two waterbuck and a dik dik. The town has a large number of unusual and interesting trees.

The main Hotels are

  • Southern Sudan Hotel
  • Freedom Hotel
  • Garden Hotel
  • White Nile Hotel
  • Central Star Hotel

Southern Sudan Hotel

Southern Sudan Hotel opened in April 2011 and is a part of the large indigenous chain with two branches in Juba and branches in Wau, Aweil and other towns. It is expansive with more than 10 separate blocks, administration, bar, restaurant, conference hall, suites, executive suites, VIP suites and Presidential Suites as well as laundry and staff quarters and utilities blocks. The rooms have TV, fridge, huge four poster beds, air conditioning and are all self contained. The rooms are elegantly tiled and draped with floor to ceiling curtains over both windows and doors. There are two separate steel doors for each room, with peep holes, a buzzer and a waiting room in between for maximum security, which you will not actually need as there are no security issues and you can even leave the doors open.
The T.V. in the room has only ten free channels in Arabic, so was not much fun for me, but in the dining room the T.V. has FOX movies and AL Jazeera English.

From the top of the hotel there is a great view of the Hotel buildings, the Port on the Nile and the cattle camp on the opposite banks of the river which you can reach by hiring a small canoe across the river:

There is a small round well stocked bar, most patrons sit outside the bar in the rotundas which are cooler. They have a large dining hall which serves buffet. While I was there they sacked the chef, so the food went from white rice and boiled chicken every day to a very unusual mix of liver, boiled eggs, bread with simsim paste, sardines and dougnuts for breakfast, then battered fried fish, vegetable fried rice, chips, ugali, chapatti, samosas, vegetable spring rolls, spagetti, beef stew, coleslaw, local green vegetables, green string beans and many more different dishes. The new menus are completely unpredictable but desert is constant, tasty oranges and apples from South Africa via Uganda. As I indicated above, there are no local fruits in Bor, even though there are many mango trees. Bananas are smuggled in by staff and eaten secretly in their rooms. As some staff are Ugandan (and Kenyans) they go to great lenths to get bananas, I was lucky to get a bite.

Moses must have passed here when going down the Nile. I read in the book how he caused swarms of insects to come from the Nile. While I was there the area had billions of insects, big, small, crawling and flying, black, red, brown, green, stinging, biting and harmless, silent, chirping and rattling. I was stung by one insect which entered my shirt and later attacked by a giant flying beetle. I had 20 small bruises on my knees and stomach from an insect in the bed. And that is not counting the mosquitoes eating my legs and huge green flies entering my drink when I am about to take a sip. There are several types of flies, big black ones, big green ones that love beer and soda, medium black ones that are stubborn and do not go away when you flick them, they always perch on your head, and small black ones that you can never hit as they are very maneuverable. Cover the bottle and the glass with napkins when drinking. My friend laughed at one of my jokes and an insect flew in his mouth! One day we woke up and there was a carpet outside the rooms – brown beetles. It was snap, crackle, pop when walking over them to the dining. Keep the security lights off as they attract insects. Due to the abundance of insects there are all their predators, bats, frogs, birds, spiders, lizards and geckos which just need to relax and open their mouths and food flies in!

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Freedom Hotel

Everyone told me this is the ‘best’ hotel. Good everything. And they have free and fast wireless internet and a great selection of DSTV Satelite TV channels in each room as well as fridge. Wish I had stayed there. The bar has an authentic African counter made from polished and varnished slices of a trunk of a large Kenyan tree. The chairs are made from tree branches and wrought iron. Very nice jungle feel.  There is a very well stocked bar and as you can see a very friendly barman. They serve continental food. Its on a long side street 300 meters off the main road, so quiet and secluded. They have been there from 2008 so the staff are now experienced and a team.

Call any of the following numbers for more inquiries and reservations: (+211) 977-114235, 977-109079, 977-110882, 955-028720,  955-155534;  927-314177.

Garden Hotel

We organized a seminar here, they have a large bamboo sided conference hall that is self ventilating thus naturally cooled. The main buildings and 12 rooms are stone. There are also many tents. They said they have wireless and I tested it, to show them my website, however some patron says it goes on and off. The bar and restaurant has a large screen TV for news and football in Arabic. The chefs are mixed from three countries, the food is a mix of Ethiopian, Sudanese, and Kenyan continental. I had an Injera with spicy Ethiopian beef sauce for only 10 pounds. Most guests prefer Chicken. The bar is well stocked including packets of cold fresh packed milk for teetotalers. At the entrance is a new Hair Salon and barber, very big and clean. There is a lovely Kenyan hairdresser who doubles as a barber who says she worked in Juba till moving to Bor.
The Hotel charges 250 pounds full board for the 12 rooms and 150 full board for tents.

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Call any of the following numbers for more inquiries and reservations: (+211) 977-114235, 977-109079, 977-110882, 955-028720,  955-155534;  927-314177.

White Nile Hotel

White Nile is the place to go for a local feel. They have all the local food well prepared, Kisra the un leavened pan fried, Kudra a local green vegetable, tilapia fish, boiled beef, and many more. Breakfast is black tea and doughnuts. They have a bamboo sided bar but no one sits there except when there is premier league football. The rooms are very big and self contained, but very simple. They were constructed before the local artisans were experienced, so the doors and windows do not close properly, taps and pipes are leaking, sockets are misaligned, but they work. The room I was in was really cool, as the wind blows through, but other rooms were unbearably hot. They have fans but they switch off the generator as soon as you sleep so the fans do not help. The hotel is far from the river so there are no insects or mosquitoes. The staff were a selection of friendly ladies from Bor and Uganda.

On one side of the compound are 9 huts which act as a meeting place for friends. Many locals sit in these to pass the evening chatting and drinking beer. The huts have no lights intentionally. As its dark and they are dark, you can not tell who is in the hut next to yours. Good place to sit and talk and no one will say they saw you. There is a Kenyan lady preparing food on order. Give her the money and she will go to the local market, buy whatever you want and prepare as you wish. One client got charcoal grilled roast ‘green’ maize. Mouth watering. I ordered goat liver, kidneys, heart and ribs, as well as kales and Ugali. Came back the next day for more even though I was booked full board in another hotel.

Central Star Hotel

Central Star is the first hotel you get to on the main road into Bor. The Hotel has 50 white self contained air conditioned rooms, but as the bar, restaurant and conference halls are under construction, there is no food or drinks, its accommodation only.

A nice place for peace and quiet sitting under the Neem trees at only 130 pounds, 40 dollars per night, you can take a small walk to the nearby food kiosks for refreshment and meals.

Call any of the following numbers for more inquiries and reservations: (+211) 977-114235, 977-109079, 977-110882, 955-028720,  955-155534;  927-314177.

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Guide to Juba City, From Juba Travel Guide Archives, first published in July 2011 on the eve of South Sudan’s Independence.

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