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(JUBA) – Whether you are sending money to your supplier or paying for a room in Jebel Lodge  or booking for a bus to travel upcountry, money transfers are now a breeze.

m-GURUSH, South Sudan’s pioneer mobile money service provider, has made it easier for subscribers to send and receive money on different local mobile networks in an instant.

m-Gurush is owned by Trinity technology Limited (TTL), a South Sudan telecommunication company specializing in the design and development of Innovative Financial Services, Online Transactions and Mobile Payment systems.

Trinity Technologies has been granted license by the Central Bank of South Sudan and the National Communication Authority to roll-out Mobile Money and Electronic Payment Services in in the country.

One of their financial products is m-Gurush, an indigenous mobile money product that works directly with existing Telecommunications Companies operating within the country

Compiled here are 12 answers to what you need to know if you want to use the m-Gurush platform to send and use money in South Sudan.

How does m-GURUSH work?

m-GURUSH enables a customer to have a mobile money wallet that can:

  • Send and Receive Money
  • Pay for goods and Services
  • Deposit and withdraw money

How can a user contact m-Gurush?

You can contact m-GURUSH by:

  • Dialing 100 from your Zain line.
  • Writing an email to : customercare@mgurush.com
  • Visiting any of m-Gurush customer care centers in KonyoKonyo, Bilpham, Customs and Gumbo

How does one register for m-Gurush mobile money?

Dial *355# to get started then visit the nearest m-GURUSH agent to complete your registration.

What are the registration requirements for m-Gurush mobile money?

Visit the nearest agent with your own phone and any of the following documents. m-Gurush has more than 2,000 mobile agents spread throughout the country. More are expected. If you want to become an agent contact m-Gurush using the information we have provided above.

  • National ID or Passport
  • Military ID
  • Payam Letter
  • Work ID
  • Driving License

How does one send money from m-Gurush?

Method 1: Using a USSD code:

After registration, you will be able to send money by simply dialing *355#, select Send Money and enter details such as phone number and amount. You will then confirm the details and enter your transaction pin to complete the transaction.

Method 2: Using the m-Gurush App. Don’t have the m-Gurush app? Download it at Google Play Store for users, merchants and agents.

If you are using the customer application, tap on ‘Send Money’ and enter details such as phone number and amount. You will then confirm the details and enter your transaction pin to complete the transaction.

Download the m-Gurush app from Google Play
Download the m-Gurush app from Google Play

Can I send money to someone who is not registered on m-Gurush?

Yes, you can send money to a person who is not registered on m-GURUSH

How do I withdraw money from m-Gurush?

For withdrawal from m-GURUSH, please visit the nearest agent and you will be assisted to withdraw the desired amount of cash.

Can I pay for goods and services using m-Gurush?

Yes, as a registered customer, you can pay for goods and services using m-GURUSH by dialing *355# , Select m-GURUSH Pay, enter the Merchant code displayed in the shop/ service point and the amount needed for goods or service provided and your transaction pin to complete the transaction after confirming the details. The merchant will also be able to assist you to pay using m-GURUSH should you have any questions.

How can I check my m-Gurush mobile money balance (ewallet balance)

Method 1 : You can check your balance by dialing *355#, select ‘My Account’ and then ‘Balance Enquiry’.

Method 2 : If you are using the m- Gurush application, click on ‘My Account’ then ‘Balance enquiry’ to view your m-GURUSH balance.

How can I view my recent m-Gurush transactions?

Method 1: To view your most recent transaction dial *355#, Select My Account and then select Mini Statement.

Method 2: If you are using the application, click on’ My Account’ then ‘Mini statement’

How do I become an agent of m-Gurush mobile money?

For details on how you can become an m-GURUSH Agent, kindly contact the company on +211 924 442438/924 442439 or write an email to info@mgurush.com.  You can also visit any of m-Gurush customer care centers in KonyoKonyo, Bilpham, Customs and Gumbo.

Any business that is legally registered in the Republic of South Sudan can apply to become an m-GURUSH Mobile Money Agent.

What happens if you lose your password or pin to your m-Gurush account?

Option 1 (For users of USSD code)

If you forget your transaction pin, contact m-GURUSH customer Care and we will reset your pin.

Option 2 (For the m-Gurush application users)

You can tap on ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the steps and you shall receive an OTP (One Time Password) which will enable you to change your login pin. Should you encounter difficulties contact m-GURUSH customer care?

How to download the m-Gurush mobile money app?

The m-Gurush app for users, agents and merchants is available at the Google Play Store. The app requires Android operating system 4.1 and above. It was added in August 2019 and is very lightweight in size at 3.7 mb.

It shows a total download of 500+ at the time or writing. It is possible that most users prefer to use the USSD code *355# to transact instead.

Editor’s note: Questions about the charges for transactions such as withdraws and transfers are yet to be addressed by the m-Gurush support team. Once obtain, we shall publish them here. The terms and conditions of use of the m-Gurush mobile money service can be obtained from their service portal.

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