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Husband Of Detained Minister Appealing For Her Release

RUMBEK, 03 October 2017 [Gurtong]-It has been at least 14 days now since the arrest of the MPs in Gok State without charges leveled against them.

Apac Maker also called on the human rights organizations to investigate the circumstances of the arrest of his wife and to secure her release from the illegal detention by the national security service together with the rest of four MPs.

Apac Maker said the illegal detention of a persons’ wife among four men by Gok State authorities and national security service for more than 14-days without prior knowledge of her husband knowledge is a gross violation of customary law and abuse of women rights in public life and will not be taken as a political issue, but a social issue if not addressed.

“I am talking on behalf of my family that my wife, Madam Ayen Meen was caught on her way home on the 15th of September by the national security service and she was unlawful arrested in an unknown location in Wau, she has been away for 14-days in prison with four men and there is no response from the State government on the matter while I am searching for her from unknown location for a period of 2 weeks in Wau”, said Apac.

Apac said said that his wife has committed no crime to be arrested.

“I am confident of my wife, she has not committed any crime and she cannot commit any crime”, he said.

His wife was appointed as a representative of the people in 2005 and was elected in the 2010 Sudan general election.

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She has been a member of the State parliament for 13 years and has served in various capacities as deputy speaker of former Lakes State legislative assemble before the split and has served in her capacity as the Minister of Physical Infrastructure.

The Governor of Gok State, Madhang Majok Meen and the Speaker of State assembly, Veronica Ujima Philip claim that the five MPs were arrested by national security service outside the legislative assembly premises while involved in conducting illegal meetings.

“The security service are just implementing ten resolutions signed by the Advisor on Military Affairs and myself after his visit in Gok”, said Governor Meen during an interview with Gurtong last Month after the detention of the five MPs.

Source Gurtong

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