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IDPs celebrate peace deal signing

The internally displaced persons at the protection of civilians’ site in Juba have been celebrating the signing of the peace accord by the parties.

All the parties signed the Khartoum peace agreement on Sunday.

The IDPs, who started partying the deal since Sunday, said they had waited for the peace process for too long.

They have been holding peaceful processions, and prayers with others waving placards and singing the slogans such as: “POC is not our home, we were forced to stay in here.

“Today, the celebrations throughout the country welcoming the signing of the peace agreement, means that people are hoping and people are waiting for them to see their commitment,” said James Gatlong.

Meanwhile, Mark Banguot said that they are ready to go home, but they first want a security guarantee.

“People need some security guarantee for them to move out, but I think they are ready to go. The environment of the peace will tell when they will go out will tell.”

The peace agreement is meant to end the 5 year conflict that affected South Sudan.

Nearly 4 million people are displaced because of conflict, including 2 million who have fled to neighboring countries since December 2013.

“We are staying in the holes and our children are suffering. If this peace comes true, it will be a chance for us women of this country,” said Regina Nyamaytab Nyuon, an elderly woman.

According to the UN refugee agency,  renewed violence in South Sudan, compounded by drought and the threat of famine, has led to the fastest growing refugee situation in Africa today and the world’s third biggest refugee crisis.

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