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Many of you might wonder why some of your cousins living abroad are never successful when it comes to finishing careers and finding jobs in their fields of study, well the truth is Asia and America have a system of relationship that hammers the rigid into the society until they become abiding failures.

Many blacks and whites that have associated with blacks for long are now being used as specimen for study purposes. The system has a policy of buying medication from Asia especially from Japanese pharmaceuticals to use on population with addiction problem so that they are controlled easily.

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This is what is called Mind control and it has spread even to Australia where some South Sudanese have stood up to alerting the public about the need to get closer and closer to their families as certified victims of mental illness are becoming many and many.

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The purpose of the designed system is to make sure every citizen or resident of the western world has a behavior that is falling under the norms of the society which is overly genuine but this is different for immigrants and whites who envy black culture.

Many youths in the west have been manipulated/Voluntarily drugged to acquire mental illnesses that are incurable and in return taking medications that alter how their brains function in the name of stabilizing it. One thing they forget for sure is that natural sickness come and goes based on how the victims are handled.

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Most often the end point of these specimen is suicide.

It is time we say something.

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