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John Frog Robbed On Gun Point By Unknown Gunmen In Juba


Guondo Sakit singer John Frog escaped death by an inch last night after two armed men rounded him and his friend on their way back home from buying food.

Fresh reports indicate that the armed men never had any bad intentions against John Frog. They didn’t even recognize him by that time, maybe they could sympathize and let him go. The two phones held by Frog and his friend were their target. 

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“As we were coming back from buying droid in Hai Thoura, we had voice asking us to stop. The voice came from behind. We stopped and waited for them just to realize they were carrying a semi auto pistol. The second guy had a functioning Radio phone “Motorola”

The armed man commanded me to sit down and present all I had in my pockets. So they took my phone, a wallet with 3000SSP in it and jokingly asked for the food too but I raised my voice.” Said John Frog.

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Hai Thoura at night has been always a crime scene for armed robbers. Last week, a boda boda rider survived a related attack as he was also stopped by apparently the same robbers. 

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