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Jonglei: A female aid worker sentenced to two years in jail

A female aid worker has been sentenced to 2 years in prison in Jonglei state for reportedly assaulting a government official.

In 2015, Mary Aluel Majok joined ACTED organization as Food Distribution Supervisor in Bor.

According to defense lawyer, Aluel went to Alier’s office on an official visit, where a disagreement ensued but returned to her workplace.

But a couple of days later, Aluel was arrested along with two colleagues for allegedly attacking the state Relief and Rehabilitation Commission coordinator, Alier Pach, in his office.

However, defense lawyer Mamer Deng told Eye Radio that the first grade judge of Bor County high court, Geoffrey Adison, passed the verdict without police file and witnessed.

“We say this judgment delivered by the court was totally unfair because there was no time given to them and even their witnesses where not called in.”

Mary Aluel Majok and her colleagues Kuai Garang and Riak Machok will serve 2 years in jail and each must pay a fine of 20,000 pounds.

According to South Sudan Panel Code of 2008, anybody who is found guilty of any assault case is punishable by 2-three months in jail.

The defense lawyer Mamer said they had during the hearing requested the court to allow them bring witnesses, but it was rejected.

“We requested the court to allow us to bring the witnesses on Monday but it was rejected by the court.”

Lawyer Mamer also said the case files of the accused were not read before the court despite requesting the court to do so before passing the verdict.

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Efforts to get side of the court on the matter were not immediately successful.



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