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Juba-Bahr-el-Ghazal Road Construction Contract Survives a Breach.


Though there is nothing much done to ensure the performance of the Juba-Bahr el Ghazal Road Construction Contract signed last year in the People’s Republic of China, there is a little hope that the Contract will be executed in later and spirit given the new broom.

The issue of this project has become the talks of the years countrywide since the planning of this project and its subsequent breach in 2015 when H.E. the diligent President inaugurated it and thereafter failed by anti-developmental cadres who work for the downfall of President Kiir’s regime.

Earlier last year, President Kiir led a high level bilateral cooperation courtesy visit to China with a desire and full commitment to mobilize funds which will ensure the sufficient delivery of services to the vulnerable people in the rural areas by connecting the cities with the rural areas through the construction of roads.

This idea is a part and parcel of the SPLM ruling party policy of taking town to the people as enshrined under the SPLM Manifesto as well as article 35 (2) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011 as amended which provides for the dedication of public resources to improve the lives of citizens by building roads, schools, hospitals, food security, electric power, telecommunications among others throughout the country.

Not only that but also according to the Sudan 2010 elections, President Salva Kiir Mayardit in his campaign Manifesto promised to provide services to the people of South Sudan to the best of their expectations should they elect him as their president and fortunately he got the opportunity.

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After the assumption of office by H .E. the President, the citizens expected the immediate implementation of the manifesto without hesitation in which the president actually has tried his best to translate his words into tangible things but due to some elements of anti-progress in the system, he couldn’t manage.

This is evidenced by countless promises which he made knowing that they will be executed by the concern ministers but all in vain he ended up disappointed. He tried to make reshuffling with intention of bringing in new people who will help him deliver enough services to the people whom he is proud of but they become worse than nothing.

Imagine the agreement between Shandong Company and the government of South Sudan was signed in last year and was agreed to commence earlier 2019 but with TABUR KAMIS (sabotage) in the system, it’s now October 2019 when people learn about the commencement of performance of the contract after the removal of a Minister of Road and Bridges.

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Now it has created a legal question in the mind of legal minded people as to whether this is a new contract being signed again or the previous one and if it’s a previous one then there is a doubt that there might be a breach of contract since the execution started late.
However, apart from all these there is still a great doubt that there is no guarantee that it will be implemented as planned and expected though commenced since it has become a habit to our government to initiate and ended up in the middle.

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The citizes have lost hope and confidence in government which resulted in the mistrust due to the fact that the government deceives citizens of what will not be done as promised.
Nevertheless, Junubin have one thing in common, they like celebrating new appointment and this is simply because they trust new appointees and expect services they hunt for and on top most people believe in a say that says new broom sweeps clean than old one.

Moreover, as I’m writing this article, people are still celebrating Hon. Simon Mijok’s appointment as the new Minister of Roads and Bridges. People who know him appreciate his appointment due to the fact that he is a man of action and some still have low opinion since people mistrust leaders as explicitly stated above.
Now that the ball is kicked to Simon Mijok I can see he has started using his skill in the playing ground and I’m eager to watch it till the end of his first round (probation period) to write what I knew about him since he is my Dean at the University of Juba but according to the public opinion, people are optimistic and concluded that the contract has survived breach given the appointment of learned and skilled parliamentarian.

Further, connecting Bahr el Ghazal alone is still not enough to the people of South Sudan. I expect balanced and equitable development of different regions and I therefore ask the government to put this into consideration and this will show justice and fairness which comply with the provision of article 37 (2)(f) of the TCRSS, 2011 as amended.

While the construction of roads and connections of electric power are in progress, I urge the government to double efforts in ensuring the completion of new Juba bridge construction since the old one is threatening the lives of thousands using it on their daily businesses.

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Nevertheless, the president is blameless for the insufficient services delivery since he did all what it takes but the people whom he trusted as patriotic citizens and capable of doing great things turn out to be betrayers.
The day when South Sudanese will enjoy luxurious lives is the day when our leaders not only president Kiir accept that, challenges facing their people must be solved by them.
Nonetheless, I called upon my fellow countrymen and women to cease rampant killings on the roads across the country to give workers chance to construct roads for us such that we easily get access to the towns and villages and sell or buy our local products instead of importing some commodity which we have here in rural areas.

Ultimately, I urge the government to provide maximum security along Juba-Bahr el Ghazal Road such that the construction goes on without fear of insecurity.
NB:- This is my personal opinion and doesn’t represent any position.

The writer is a final year law student at the University of Juba, Republic of South Sudan and can be reached on +211926100082 or

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