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Juba City’s internet network boosted by hybrid connection technology

SES Network has launched its software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) service with RCS-Communication, an ICT service provider based in South Sudan, serving as an early client.

In April, RCS Communication deployed SES’s hybrid SD-WAN system across its WiMAX network to serve consumer and enterprise customers in Juba, South Sudan’s capital and business hub. Both companies teamed to conduct internal trials before rolling out the service for commercial application.

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Founded in 1996 in Uganda, the Juba-based internet service and enterprise ICT solution provider operates primarily in Uganda, DR Congo and South Africa, with plans to expand to other African countries and beyond.

Juba City internet network boosted by hybrid connection technology South Sudan

Commenting on the launch of the SD-WAN service, SES Networks CEO JP Hemingway said: “RSC Communication is a pretty early customer of ours. They’re sort of an ISP and enterprise operator providing services to a lot of the multinational enterprises that are in South Sudan. Typically those customers can be anything from hotels to small businesses to wholesale providers, and ISP services. What they wanted is to have a very resilient mechanism.”

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As a multi-access network service, SES’ SD-WAN service will help optimise connectivity in underserved areas where satellite access is vital. While fibre is becoming available in South Sudan, SES’ SD-WAN is critical in optimising RCS’ network offerings for its enterprise customers.

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