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Welcome to Juba!!

I am sure sure you will enjoy your stay in this warm and peaceful new country with friendly people and a wide variety of facilities and entertainment.

Juba is the fastest growing city in the world. The country is developing very rapidly with unlimited opportunities for investment and cooperation. There is an abundance of natural resources, jungles, both white and blue river Nile, minerals and oil, an un-spoilt paradise. South Sudan boasts the second largest wildlife migration in the world. The country held a referendum in January 2011, and almost 100 percent of the population voted for independence, thus the country became independent on July 9th, 2011. There was a lot of excitement and celebrations. This is a great time to visit and see the newest Nation in the world.

This is the only travel guide for the city.

Travel is my hobby, I made this free site for you to enjoy Juba as much as I do. I have visited all the Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs and other places included in this site, as well as many others. I have worked for four of the organizations listed here over the last ten or so years. There are lots more fun places in Juba but I only included those premium places I enjoyed. I welcome any constructive comments and I will add or amend any text (after confirming the accuracy) for free as long as I feel it will improve the site.Feel free to pay for a banner ad at the top of a page or sponsor the website.

As the city is growing rapidly the information on this web site is also dynamic. I am constantly amending the Guide during my spare time. I encourage comments, observations and suggestions for improvement. I have received sponsorship from a local foundation, thanks to the Deng Foundation for their support. Alvin, my nephew, came to visit, he wrote a journal of his arduous bus ride here, it is in the 'Jokes' Page

* From 1 December 2011 the Telephone Country code changed from +249 (Sudan) and +256 (Uganda) to +211 (South Sudan). Please note all telephone contacts in the country posted on the internet up to November 2011 are now not correct.

Please help make this the premier website for the global audience.

With great Pleasure,

The Editor. www. JubaTravelGuide.com, July 2011.


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Older posts:

WET AND WILD BIKINI PARTY Will be on Sunday afternoon 20 November at the new swimming pool at Rock City called ‘chez Solomon’. The place is now managed by Amul Behera formerly manager at Oasis Hotel. The event is hosted by a local radio DJ from Uganda. At the last party in October there were hundreds of beauties in bikinis while lots of guys were ogling the chicks while drinking beer and listening to loud music. The best party I have ever seen in Juba. Don’t miss it. Ends early so do not worry about the curfew or your daughter out late!!

SOUTH SUDAN BUSINESS CLUB REGULAR MONTHLY NETWORKING EVENT 23/11/2011,  18:00 pm,  Juba Grand Hotel, Moat Conference Centre. A dedicated business to business network for the Business community in South Sudan. The SSBC web site also provides on spot company profile, information, and research data to assist in the education about the vibrant diversity of the Businesses in South Sudan and help makes the right choice when buying. There is an entry cost of 50 SSP for attendees, The entry Fee`s include food and beverages. 0955 898 888 or  meetings@southsudanbc.com

South Sudan Agricultural Trade fairAt Nyakuron Cultural center from 7-12 November 2011. This is organized by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry in partnership with the FARM Project and other line Ministries (Ministry of Animal Resources Fisheries, Ministry of commerce). The objective of the event is to bring together importers, local traders, producers, input suppliers to find business opportunities, learn new technologies, meet with international and national representatives and gain shares in the growing South Sudan market.
Come and participate in the fair as exhibitors, sponsors of farmers or sponsors of programs of the fair
For further information on attending the fair please contact Titia Esther on this mail  esther_titia@sudanfarm.org or call 0955186036, Jacob Kuol Mawut The FARM Project, Vivacell + 211 957 103049, Gemtel + 211 477 103049

MISS MALAIKA BEAUTY CONTEST 28 October 2011 – Preliminary round, 50 SSP Entrance, Nyakuron Cultural Center 7.30 pm. Come and see the most beautiful ladies in the Republic of South Sudan

German -African Business Group are visiting Juba between October 19th October 21st , hosted by South Sudan Business Club. A Businessman to Businessman meeting will take place on Friday October 21st: Place: Sahara Resort Hotel, Air Port Road, Time: 09:00 Am -13:00 PM, Charges : Free. Kindly RSVP by e-mailing your name, Guest to: meetings@ southsudanbc.com. We look forward to seeing you. Web: southsudanbc.com Tel: +249 (0) 925 440058

South Sudan Business Club Regular Monthly Networking event Wednesday 19/10/2011, 18:00 pm, Juba Grand Hotel, Moat Conference Centre You’re invited to SSBC monthly Networking! It’s a dedicated business to business network for the Business community 0955 898 888 or drop us an e-mail to: meetings@southsudanbc.com.

Friday 1 July was a Gala Dinner for the Rotary Club of Juba at Mai Thai Restaurant, Home and Away complex.

Sunday 3 July was a Banking and Money Transfer roadshow by NVK. All Kenyans were welcomed for a demonstratiob on the revolutionary new worldwide money transfer system that even allows online banking and online trading on the NSE.

Saturday 14 May 2011 Home and Away launched their new Disco.

SOUTH SUDAN RAFTING ADVENTURE – we will be running White Water Rafting expedition trips (mind blowing stuff ) next week and the week after. 2nd Trip – Mon 18th April – Fri 22nd April 2011 – 3 spaces remaining. 3rd Trip – Mon 25th April – Friday 29th – 4 spaces remaining. If you are interested please let me know. These trips are being charges at cost- you will never get these rates again – don’t miss out and Welcome. Andrew B Belcher: andrewbelcher@hotmail.com or andrew@ssasltd.com

Beer and Jogging The 250th Hash will be held on Saturday, February 26th at the “Ronco Compound”, part of AFEX Riverside Hotel. Tickets are 50SDG including a tasty barbeque.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 3:01 PM
Good evening
Have just spent the last 2 hours reading your great website... I am due to leave next week my cold-Europe to work in warm-Juba for a few months, and reading your website made me want to be there now, see the things you described with my own eyes and meet locals... I just can’t wait! Great great source of information, I can’t thank you enough for this! Best regards, Yves

To: "JubaTravelGuide@yahoo.com" <JubaTravelGuide@yahoo.com>
Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 7:51 AM
Hi, We often recommend our visitors to have a look at your webpage, as it provides good information about Juba. Please notice that the updated contact information for the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Juba is E-mail: cg.juba@mfa.no   Phone: +249 959 000 257.  Thanks!
Regards, Kari Voss Sørhus, Administrative Officer, Royal Norwegian Consulate General , Juba, Sudan

From: GSCHAIDER, Elisabeth
Subject: GREAT
To: JubaTravelGuide@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, August 13, 2010, 6:38 AM
You did very well!
I wrote and edited a Bosnia and Herzegovina - travel guide and know therefore how much work the collection of information is. I don't know if I ever make it to South Sudan, but you did really well in presenting its capital very well.

From: Brenda
Subject: Brilliant!
To: JubaTravelGuide@yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, August 1, 2010, 9:49 AM
Hello, I have arrived in Juba (for the second time), and wanted to write a guide for new arrivals to Juba... but after finding your website, I can't imagine what more needs to be said. Great job, thank you.

Date: Sunday, July 11, 2010, 4:53 PM
Dear TG,
Your web site is very interesting.
I would like to know since when did they move the Ethiopian Consulate from Hai Malakal to Tong Ping?
By the way, that area is called “Juba na Bari” not Tong Ping. The Dinka’s changed the name of ‘our’ land.
The Luo tribes in Sudan are: Schuluk, Anyuak, Lafon, Acholi and small groups, the Dinka’s do not belong to Luo speakers, they are good in twisting things around to their advantage. Some words in Nuer are same like Bari and some words in the Dinka language are same as Luo and that’s it. I am a Bari but my mom is a Luo so I know that the Luos are just laughing at claims of the Dinka’s....lol. I am sure you’re not responsible for these ‘lies’.
Best regards,

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