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Jubek Chamber of Commerce accused of extorting money from traders

The National Dialogue Steering Committee has accused the Jubek Chamber of Commerce of forcefully collecting money from traders to fund peace process.

The Chairperson of the Information Unit of the committee says earlier this year, the national chamber of commerce was asked to raise funds from business people for the initiative.

The contributions were supposed to be voluntary and no fixed amount was supposed to be set.

“When they asked for support, they did not want it to be a forced contribution. It should be voluntary and from abled businessmen. You give whatever you can afford,” said Alfred Taban.

However, he said they discovered that the Jubek Chamber of Commerce has been collecting 1000 SSP forcefully from traders in Juba, including tomato sellers.

“They were collecting money from traders including small ones like tomato sellers and vegetable sellers and they were asking them like a must contribution,” Mr Taban told Eye Radio.

A receipt given to a trader after paying 1,000 SSP to the Jubek Chamber of Commerce


The Jubek Chamber of Commerce is under the National Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Taban said the national dialogue steering committee condemned the act and called on those engaged to stop immediately.

President Salva Kiir initiated the dialogue in 2016 as means of uniting and reconciling the people after years of a brutal conflict since December 2013.

In July 2017, he said the government allocated a sum of 2.4 billion SSP for the process.

The Jubek Chamber is yet to comment on the accusations.

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