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Kasuku accuses public figures


By Ahmad Muto

Media personality Kasuku has reasoned that the public figures claiming they are being bullied by the media are a creation of it because when they started out, they wanted the media attention they are fighting now.

He explained that many of them from his experience literally look for media personalities and pay them to write or say certain things about them just to create buzz.

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This was on the heels of the arguments going round about cyber bullying with him being accused of being one of the people that have made it part and parcel of their work.

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Kasuku is provocative and speaks about entertainers freely that he once got into a brawl with Eddy Kenzo over allegations that the BET award winner was paying media personalities not to play singer Big Eye’s songs.

He has also been accused by Sheilah Gashumba of cyber bullying and being a fake friend who pretends to be a good family friend of theirs yet he blackmails and back stabs her and her father every chance he gets.

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