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Kawaja gains more weight than his music career.

Many people believe that the life of a famous musician is all champagne, or drinking expensive drinks, and seeing pretty girls naked all the time and a steady flow of royalty payments to pay for it all. This is certainly true for some, but there are also those who have reached the upper echelons/level of megastardom, only to lose it all in the blink of an eye, some managed their level badly although some lost.
In South Sudan 60% of the youth are planning to become artistes in everyday’s bases, but in actual sense 20% of them are either talented or broke can’t afford to pay studio bills, of late this have drew criticism from international Standard whereby the MTV base and Ugandan top singer “Bebe Cool” calling the artists untalented and broke.

Although in south Sudan the culprit have been always “Silver X” and “Dynamq” coming on to criticize the entire industry but one of the artists from Silver X ‘s regime have taken his music career into something which Junubin (South Sudanese) will refer as “Masahalla” gaining weight like a Castrated pig and that’s non-other than “Kawaja Revolution”

The Dula ga’ya singer who is known for his one-way style of singing, is enjoying life out-of music more than starving in doing music, “Revolution” have gained weight more faster than his music popularity, since dropping a very good collaboration with Ugandan faded “Tool Man” Kampala Juba connection, every music lover in country was like yeah this what we got to call collabo but the “African Style” singer seemed to be following the footsteps of his role model.

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