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‘Kenya has no vested interest in S Sudan conflict’

The government of Kenya has denied having vested interest in the South Sudan conflict.

Vested interest is a personal stake or involvement in an undertaking or state of affairs, especially one with an expectation of financial gain.

Recently, several political analysts, including Kenya’s, said the region is prolonging the peace process due to their beneficial interests.

They called upon the IGAD countries to give peace a chance.

However, the Chief Administrative Secretary at Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ababu Namwamba – rejects these claims:

“Yes, we’ve a vested interest and the vested interest is a peaceful, stable, prosperous South Sudan,” Namambwa said in an exclusive interview with Eye Radio.

“The vested interest we have is a stable region. The vested interest we have is to see a neighboring friendly nation we call South Sudan back to on the path on the stability for herself and her people to their interest. So yes we have vested interest.

“But the interest we have is to see South Sudan peaceful, stable, and prosperous and to see this region peaceful, prosperous and moving together as a block because any time a single corner of this region hurts, the whole region hurts.

“We cannot sit back and watch a friendly, sisterly, brotherly state bleed to death.”

But anti-money laundering groups have described Kenya as a destination for the spoils-of-war in South Sudan.

In its recent report, The Sentry said former and current top government officials, including President Salva Kiir, Opposition leader Dr Riek Machar, and former SPLA boss Paul Malong have unexplained wealth in Kenya.


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