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A Kenyan pastor’s wife has taken to stage the need to have sex everywhere and every time as it is the only sports that God created and wants us to enjoy to the fullest. Speaking to a mass, she proudly admitted her and her husband do it anytime anywhere.

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‘Sex is the only sports that God created and wants us to exercise with not limits or regulations. It’s a healthy and fun game which I and my husband exercise anywhere anytime in my house. In the Kitchen, in the washroom, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom’, She explained.

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She came up with a new terminology for sex which she refers to as Twa Twa and from our point of guess work, we can conclude it is an onomatopoeia as we can arguably say this is the sound that sex produces when people are bed battling. She confidently advised that people should stop shying away from it and enjoy the game to the max.

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