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Kiir tells governors to prepare to lose seats

President Salva Kiir has told the 32 governors to prepare for the coming of the Opposition to take over 14 states.

The peace agreement has allocated 55 % seats for the government and 45 % to the opposition groups comprising of the Political Alliance, Former Detainees and other entities at national and state levels.

Based on the formula, the TGoNU will run 18 states and the opposition groups with 14 in which IO under Dr. Riek Machar secure nine seats, and the rest goes to SSOA and FDs.

The same power-ratio formula will also be applied at the county, Payam and Boma levels across the country.

This means, the government will have about 100 commissioners while the oppositions groups get 83 based on the current 183 counties.

“The price of peace”

President Kiir was explaining to the governors about what changes they should expect once the implementation commences.

“Some of you governors will lose your positions as governors. Some of your county commissioners and counselors will have to give way to the opposition,” Kiir said on the state-run TV.

“That is the price of peace. And I don’t want you to pick up you guns and rebel against the system.”

In response to the President’s statement, some of the governors welcomed the development.

“It’s going to give us much more energy to double up our efforts to implement peace in accordance with the peace provisions and the directive,” said one governor.

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