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Layla Kingston Accuses Angela Paul Of Stealing Make-up Skills

A new online beef is brewing in the South Sudanese social media community pitting long-time transgender Layla Kingston and newly recruited kid (transgender) Angela Paul.

The beef is allegedly about who draws better and professional make-up and first South Sudanese man to change to a woman, Layla Kingston has accused Angela Paul for stealing her Make up skills and told her to be original.

Angela Paul responded to Layla Kingston in one of her make up videos on YouTube by saying, “Now that I have students and fans following my tutorials, haters are emerging from their caves”

Have some chills lil brother! (referring to Layla Kingston), she exclaimed.

In the moment, Angela Paul has deactivated her Facebook account for reasons still known to herself or maybe afraid of her response’s backfire.

Juba Eye is watching this beef closely and will keep you posted

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