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The leader of the SPLM in Opposition has requested for extension of the pre-transitional period for the second time.

The peace parties shall form a coalition government on 12 November, according to the 2018 revitalized peace agreement.

Dr. Riek Machar insists that key provisions in the security arrangements must first be implemented before the establishment of the new government.

These include, unified army, police and national security.

Last week, the main opposition group said it would not be part of the coalition government without the security arrangements in place.

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In a meeting attended by the representatives of the UN Security Council and peace parties, Dr. Riek Machar said:

“Once we form the government without a unified force, [IO soldiers] will say they are left out; they have not been unified while their colleagues on the government side are having salaries.”

The pre-transitional period was extended in May to allow for implementation of the same arrangements.

Since the extension, some soldiers have been registered and cantoned in various designated sites across the country.

However, training and unification of forces is yet to be realized.

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All this process has been slow due to lack of political will and funds, according to the peace monitoring body – R-JMEC.

Meanwhile, the government disagrees with Dr Machar, saying the soldiers do not need much training since they are not recruits.

“All these forces are not recruits so that will take six or three or whatever months to be trained,” says Michael Makuei, minister of information.

“The main objective is to bring them together; build trust and confidence; and give them rehearsal so that they can work together. This is achievable within the remaining period.”

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For her part Eminent Personality Rebecca Nyandeng advised against more extension of the pre-transitional period.

“The [reconstituted] government must be formed in November because the people [forces] that we are talking about will run away if we continue to extend [the pre-transitional period],” she told the participants.

The cantoned soldiers are reportedly living in squalid conditions, with some already starving.

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