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Lost Girl of Sudan shares her story

October 6, 2019 South Sudan NEWS PORTAL

Many stories have been told about the famous Lost Boys, but now for the first time, a Lost Girl shares her hauntingly beautiful and inspiring story.

Name of book: “What they Meant for Evil”

Author: Rebecca Deng

Where can it be purchased? Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon online

Book genre: Religion

Publisher: Faithwords

Synopsis of the book: It tells the story of how a Lost Girl of Sudan found healing in the midst of suffering. It tells how the author’s village was attacked in the South Sudan in the late 1980s. Deng, a member of the Dinka tribe, was one of the first unaccompanied refugee children to enter the United States in 2000, after South Sudan’s second civil war took the lives of her family. She had lived as a refugee for eight years in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya, before her journey to the United States when she was 15. She became a U.S. citizen in 2006.

“What They Meant for Evil” is the account of her journey, sharing how she endured fleeing from gunfire, suffering through hunger and illness, and dodging predators – not only animals but soldiers.

About the author: Deng is a graduate of Holland Christian High School, Calvin College and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and is a partnership associate with the Trauma Healing Institute at the American Bible Society.

Why did you write the book? “To encourage others that there is no experiences that God can’t use to bring glory to himself. Trauma can be overcome when a global community surrounded those who are suffering with love, words and deeds.”

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