(Last Updated On: September 2, 2019)
September 02, 2019
(LOWOI) – Lowoi communities of Torit West Counties and Pari of Lafon on Friday resolved to forgive one another for the past grievances among them.
In April last year, a group of youth identified from Lafon County killed a medical personnel while on his way to Lowoi, but were arrested and handed to state government for justice.
Speaking during the reconciliation meeting, Dario Duku, Head Chief of Ubwo Payam Lafon County called on the two communities to forget the past and open a new chapter for peaceful co-existence.
He admitted that the killing of a medical personal brought misery to the entire population of both Lafon and Lowoi communities
Khamis Thomas, Head Chief of Lowoi Payam in Torit West County requested Pari community to cooperate to combat child abduction in the state.
He warns communities against hosting criminals in their localities.
While Chairperson Torit State Peace Commission, German Charles Ojok,  said peace and stability is everybody’s concerns.
He appreciated the people of Pari for arresting the criminals to face the law.
Governor of Torit State, Tobiolo Alberio Oromo, called on the youth of the two communities to cooperate and address the alarming child abduction in the areas.
Authorities in Lafon, Torit and Torit West County also express their commitment to bring lasting peace among the neighbouring communities.
The speakers made the remarks during a reconciliation meeting at SPLM Guest house in Torit on Friday.
Source: Emmanuel Radio
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