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Makuei challenges CSOs petition against poor mobile services

The spokesperson of the national government has re-directed the civil society organisations that petitioned his office over poor services by the mobile operators to the communication authority. 

On Monday, over 70 civil society organisations petitioned Michael Makuei over what they described as inefficiencies of services by the telecommunication companies in the country.

 The purpose was to draw the attention of the Honorable minister to the inefficiencies of the mobile telephone networks that we have in the country postal services.”

The move comes months after the public had earlier complained about the poor mobile networks following the shutdown of Vivacell last year.

“They requested the ministry to take appropriate actions towards addressing concerns of the public regarding the matter.”

 “In most cases you call numbers that are active and you get an automated response saying this number does not exist,” Rajab said.

In response, Minister Michael Makuei Lueth said: “Go and present your complaint to the National Communication Authority, It is there and then that your issue will be looked into.”

 “I’m the last authority here and if I come and decide against your issue where will you go next?  In December, 2018, Makuei was summoned by the national parliament over the same issue.

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