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The leader of the Other Political Parties, a signatory to the revitalized peace agreement, has expressed serious doubts over the ability of the parties to implement the security arrangements within the additional 100 days.

Peter Mayen believes the new extension of the pre-transition period does not add value to the peace process.

He argues that in the last 14 months, the government and the opposition groups did not demonstrate any political will to address the training and unification forces, including the resolution to the number of states.

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This is the second time the pre-interim period has been extended to allow for the full implementation of the security arrangements.

“The simple logic is, if you couldn’t make it in eight months and couldn’t make it in six months, you will not make it in 100 days. Besides, the extension has not come up with new clear strategic modalities to address the challenges,” Peter Mayen told Eye Radio.

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“And we are also going to get new challenges, like the rains and flooding that is happening. Definitely, I doubt that these tasks can be implemented within 100 days. It’s clear unless something like miracle happens.

“The OPP position is that, we cannot extend the suffering of the people. Therefore any extension without an added value to the process is actually uncalled for,” Peter Mayen told Eye Radio.

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The 2018 peace accord grants the Other Political Parties some positions in the coalition government, whose formation has been delayed.

It comprises of several parties, including PLP, USSAF, UDF and ANC. Mayen is the chairman for PLP.

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