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Mobile Phone Networks

There are 5 major phone networks. None is dominant, and most people have several phones or sim cards. Each network has different coverage when outside Juba. There is no inter connectivity between some networks and thus a call from one to another network often has to be made as an expensive international call. As a result most people have at least 3 sim cards, one for each of the main networks. Some of the networks were based in Uganda, so they have a Uganda international prefix rather than Sudan.

This is a part of the largest mobile provider in Africa and the middle east. They offer special rates for calls to other Zain users in other countries. They claim to have the widest coverage in the country, other networks do not work outside major towns. They also claim to have the largest number of subscribers. They sell modems for internet access, there are three types for 3gb, 6gb and unlimited downloading.
The customer service office is in Juba town near JIT supermarket.

Viva Cell
This is growing rapidly, they introduced a bonus scheme, where local calls became free for those making International calls, which attracted a lot of customers. Everyone I know has a Vivacell line as well as one other network. Vivacell have internet access for mobile phones. They offer credit transfer from phone to phone. You can now use Vivacell in Uganda and Kenya through MTN Uganda and Safaricom Kenya!
The customer service center is on the Ministries road.

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This is a subsidiary of a South African network that operates in many countries in Africa. They offer an internet modem like Zain for computers. Currently said to have the best signal strength and inter connectivity, as they are newer with less congestion.
The customer service center is in juba town on the Equity Bank road.

This is one of the nationwide networks which is in the North and South of the country


This is an indigenous network but can not be dialed by any of the other networks, so Gemtel users can only call other Gemtel users. This was initially to block new entrants to the market, but now is a disadvantage as there are several new networks. The phone code is +256 instead of +249. Initially it had the best network, but as the country developed, people are moving to other networks. It was the best to use if driving into Sudan from Kenya or Uganda as you could buy the card and have coverage before entering the country. The customer service center is in Juba town on the Equity Bank road.

Safaricom Kenya – If you come from Kenya this works, there is a link with MTN Uganda and Vivacell Juba, so no need to change your number.

Mobile Phone Repairs

There are some repair stalls under trees in the city center who offer limited service.
There is a workshop in the MTN Customer Service office in Juba Town opposite the Ethiopia Commercial Bank, GSM Cellular Services, where professional phone repair is done and also repair of Thuraya satellite phones. +2499 28181127, +2499 5516907

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Internet and Computers

There are many small Cyber Cafes dotted around the town and many others are being opened. Several are in Juba Town, a few in Malakia, there are two on the Ministries road, some in Tong Ping and several in Hotels. Some of them are:

Swift Cyber
The most busy cyber, many computers, In a row of shops behind the main street of Juba town, at the main bus park, near the Ivory Bank. They also offer computer repairs, typing, internet service provider, web site development- like this web site- and many other services like printing, advertising materials and even architectural drawings.

Central Pub Cyber
In the compound of Central Pub, they offer very efficient services, fast internet, scanning, faxing, typing, copying at very reasonable rates. Their assistance and office equipment like scanning, typing and faxing are very efficient.

Sisters Cafeteria Cyber
In ‘Sisters’ Cafeteria on the main street in Juba Town, they opened in 2011..

Basilicos Pizzeria Cyber
Located opposite the ministries, they charge only 8 pounds per hour and are inside a snack and Ethiopian food restaurant, so you can order snacks or food then surf while waiting for your meal..

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Southern Sudan Hotel Cyber Cafe
Opposite the ministries, in the large Southern Sudan hotel.

Tong Ping Business Center Cyber
Located in the large business center and hotel on the main Tong Ping road, they have a small but efficient and fast cyber with 4 computers. The assistant offers training in computer applications.

Thong Ping Cyber Cafe
Immediately opposite Tong Ping business center is a new cyber also on the main Tong Ping road. There are 8 computers and they charge 10 pounds per hour. It is spacious and well arranged with computers new and far apart. they have PS2 games for kids. its the best deal in Thong Ping area.

Computer accessories are also available at: 

IT Engineering Company Limited
Location Hai Malakal,
Hani_Kamil@hotmail.com, Haniyousif@yahoo.com, +249 9811820705

Tech Solutions
Location Hai Suk, Juba Commercial Center
Tech_juba@yahoo.com +256 477112349

Venus Institute and Internet Café
Location – All Saints Cathedral, Hai Malakal
+256 477111468, 249 120811511

Technotronic Limited
Location -Hai Malakal
Technotronicjuba1@yahoo.com, www.npaid.org
Giant Technologies
Location -Hai Suk, Juba Commercial Center
+256 477109525

Hi Tech International
They sell laptop and desktop computers and accessories. They also do repairs. They are located in the Hass Petrol station next to Juba University.
murhussenm@yahoo.com, +256 477216899

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