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More than sixty SPLA-IO forces return to Raja town

More than sixty members of SPLA-In-Opposition have returned to Raja town after the celebration of the peace agreement in Juba, the  acting governor of Lol state has told Eye Radio.

“…these people are living with us in Raja, and this is just a response to the peace agreement that has been signed.”

Last week, members of opposition attended the peace celebration in Juba as to build trust and confidence between the parties to the agreement.

Among those who attended the event include Dr. Riek Machar – the leader of the SPLM-IO, Gabriel Changson of the SSOA, Deng Alor Kuol from FDs and Joseph Bakasoro, among others.

The acting governor of Lol, Peter Dut said following the peace event, 61 members of the SPLA -IO decided to return to the state.

Dut, who is also the state Education Minister, said those who came were received by the state government in compliance with a directive from the President.

“…as the government also we welcomed them as we were directed by the President to allow them to come in.”

Dut said those who returned are in the town and some of them are with their families.

“We have allowed these opposition brothers to come inside and to see their families and some of them are here with me in the office now.”

One of SPLA-IO members received in the office of the acting governor, Muhammad-identifying himself with a single, told Eye Radio:

“We came with directives from our commanders that anyone who rebelled and is still alive can go to his area and greet his family, and take something and then back to his base.

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“We thank God for standing us and giving us everything,” he said.

According to Muhammad, their coming back is part of building trust and confidence between the two parties to implement the peace agreement.


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