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MPs warned against ‘eating’ recess incentives

The spokesperson of the Transitional National Legislature Assembly has urged his fellow MPs to ensure that their constituencies benefit from the recess incentives.

Last month, the members of parliament were offered 1.2 million pounds each to return to their respective constituencies to disseminate the new peace deal.

The lawmakers requested the funds recently before going on recess.

The revitalized peace agreement obligates all the parties to educate the grassroots and the armed forces about the accord.

However, the MPs – who received a $40,000 car loan barely a year ago, said the money was little.

“This money, that money, is not going to be consumed by that honorable member and his/her family,” said Paul Yoane, chairperson of information committee at the TNLA.

He stated that the amount should be used for its intended purpose.

“It’s for the dissemination [of the peace deal]; the honorable member needs to be seen using this money in his/her constituency because this money is a public money,” he cautioned the lawmakers.

“It was only given to him/her as somebody who is a custodian. It doesn’t mean that he/she can consume that money alone.”

Last week, some members of the public expressed disappointment over the 1.2 million pound incentives given to each national MP.

Some of them said they were saddened by the move because the lawmakers were recently given car loans, which also sparked public outcry.

Besides, some of them doubt the MPs will go to their respective constituencies as most of them have never return since they were appointed or elected.

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For others, they say the money should have been used to pay salaries of civil servants, including the organized forces.

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