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My Naughty Confession: I fuck my boyfriend’s father for money

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By Lola Phillips… I was standing at the stop when a black G-wagon parked in front me. I bent to see that it was Mr. Adeyemi behind the wheel.

Seyi and I had been dating for about 8 months before I got to meet his father. We hung out at his house most of the time, but as things were getting serious, he invited me to come to his parents’ house and meet his family.

I was very excited. I loved Seyi a lot and I was glad we were moving forward in our relationship.

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On the day of the visit, I dressed nicely and modestly because I knew how Yoruba parents can be when it comes to women and decency. I took a cab and gave the cab guy the address Seyi gave me.

When I got to their place, they looked truly excited to meet me. I met his mother and his two younger siblings. I met his father the last because he was in the room when I entered.

As he came down the stairs, our eyes locked. He smiled at me and gave me a once over. He was actually pretty attractive for someone with a 26-year-old son. He was tall and had a sprinkle of white hair which mixed perfectly with dark.

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He walked with such power and confidence that I felt an instant attraction to him. I got up to get on my knees and greeted him when he came in the living room.

It ended up being a fun experience that day. I got along well with his mother and siblings and they seemed so glad to get to know me.

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Two weeks after the meeting, I ran into my boyfriend’s dad at a supermarket in Ikeja. I was with a girlfriend of mine, shopping at the store, when I came face to face with him.

“Mr. Adeyemi, good afternoon,” I greeted when he reached me.

“Oh, my dear, how are you?”

“I am fine sir. This is my friend, Titi.”

He shook Titi’s hand as they greeted.

There was an awkward silence as we walked to the checkout counter. But he did a surprising thing, he paid for what Titi and I bought. I couldn’t thank him enough, then we parted ways.

Titi and I left the mall together but since she was going in the opposite direction, she got a cab straight home while I waited at the bus stop to take a bus as my own home was closer.

I was standing at the stop when a black G-wagon parked in front me. I bent to see that it was Mr. Adeyemi behind the wheel.

He offered me a ride and I gladly accepted. As he drove, I started to feel that initial reaction to him return again. We talked at length and he seemed so interested in me.

At some point, our conversations became flirtatious. I could not recall who started what, but suddenly, I found myself telling him he still looked pretty great for his age. He then told me he thought I was really beautiful and hoped his son treated me well.

I smiled coyly at him and he started saying things along the lines of how attractive I was and how a girl like me deserved nice things. He put one hand on my lap and I was not sure why I did not resist him.

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I guess I was impressed by his confidence and I felt a little grateful to him for paying for my shopping. He rubbed my thighs and my thoughts became less chaste and naughtier.

Soon, we got in front of my house. I turned say goodbye and he leaned in and kissed me. Damn, he kissed like a pro. The kiss soon became passionate that I eventually asked if he wanted to come in.

I led him into my apartment and into my room where we removed each other’s clothes frantically. He laid me on the bed and buried his head between my legs.

I felt the warmth of his breath and it caused every nerve in my body to stand on end. He first ran his tongue along my lips as he had his finger, then he separated the lips with his tongue and tasted my entire slit.

He began eating every inch of my pussy and finger fucking me. He started sucking on my clit and fingering me hard and fast. I knew I was about to cum and he did too.

He wrapped his arms around my thighs, lifted me off the bed and began ravenously eating my pussy hard. I came all over his face with one loud, long moan. He laid me back on the bed and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

He was an extremely good pussy eater and I was incredibly horny at this point. He unzipped his trousers and slid slowly inside me.

He gently moved and grinded his pelvis against me so I was able to feel him near my clit. I bit my lip as this virile man filled me deeply with his cock.

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I moaned aloud and he did, too. He kissed my breasts and teased my nipples as we fucked. I lifted my hips to meet his thrusts and I was feeling his dick so deep inside that I was losing myself in him.

We continued this way until he gave one final thrust and came, at which point I also let go. We held each other for a while.

I must have dozed off eventually because I woke up after an hour to find that Mr. Adeyemi was gone. But something else was lying on my bedside table. It was a wad of cash.

Nervously, I reached for it and counted. It was N50, 000. I was shocked. My phone beeped and a message came in.

“Thanks for the good time, baby. Hope we do it again, I promise to always make it worth your while.”

Since that day, I meet with my boyfriend’s dad once a week and we always have sex. He pampers me like crazy. He buys me clothes, jewelry and my bank account is now so seriously fat.

Two nights ago, he promised to buy me a car. Last night, his son proposed to me and I said ‘yes’.  I was not about to leave this family anytime soon.

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