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Nanny: Here’s how to keep your nanny happy

She will not quit

Getting a good nanny is not easy nowadays. And when you find one, try your best to keep her.

One of the reasons nannies quit without notice or mistreat children is because some employers mistreat them and still expect good service. However, some domestic managers are toxic and they might still do unthinkable things regardless of how well you treat them.

If you get a hardworking and kind hearted house-help, be sure to keep her happy and she will reciprocate.

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Here’s how you can keep your nanny happy:

1. Respect her


You will want her to respect you but be ready to also respect her. Respect her as a person and respect the work she does for you and your family. Just because you have a domestic manager and you pay her does not mean you should mess up the house or soil your clothes because someone will clean them.

2. Be professional

Being professional means paying her all her dues in time and making an explanation for delayed payments. If you need her to do some extra work, request her and agree on the terms but don’t just force her to do things.

3. Gratitude

She is working for you and you are paying her for it. However, if she is doing a commendable job, tell her that you appreciate it and also show the appreciation. You can offer to buy her airtime, get her a gift or give her a day off as a sign of gratitude.

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4. Free time

She is not a machine and she needs time to rest as well. If she has worked for extra hours, ensure you pay her for it. And, don’t force her to work her day off because she will only do a shady job.

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5. Be human

Most people forget that nannies are humans too. They overwork them, underpay them, mistreat them and some even deny them food. Treat them like you would want to be treated and be kind to them.

6. Your children


If you have children, ensure you put the boundaries clear. Teach your kids to respect the nanny and let the nanny know where they cannot cross the line. Let them know what they should do if your child misbehaves for instance.

7. Provide what is needed

Ensure you provide everything the nanny needs to do her job. Don’t just complain that she did not clean properly while you never provided her with the detergents she needed. If your nanny is always asking for refunds because she catered for some expenses out of her money, then it might feel a little bit uncomfortable.


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