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Nearly $60 million needed for security arrangements – JDB

Nearly 60 million US dollars is needed to fully implement the security arrangements during the pre-transitional period, the Joint Defense Board has said. 

On Tuesday, the board held a meeting, facilitated by the ceasefire monitor -CTSAMM-MV.  This was the fourth meeting held by the board.

The JDB was established under the peace agreement, at a level of chief of staff and director general of national security service, police and all other forces.

The board is tasked with command and control over all forces during the pre-transitional period.

Its mandate includes cantonment of forces, determining the collection of heavy and medium-range weapons and ammunition.

The SSPDF spokesperson, Major General, Lul Ruai Koang said the Joint Defense Board has proposed 14 cantonment sites across the country.

“There was a proposal on having 14 [cantonment sites], generally for this, 14 to be up and running, to have facilities, medical facilities, water points, shelters, and other basic requirements.”

He said at least 59 million is needed for the implementation of the security arrangements.

“It will require 59 million US dollars and nobody is available to do that, to give us that funding, that’s the projection. So, the practical problem we have is the problem of funding.”

General Lul said they are behind the implementation schedule and are faced with a time challenge.

“We are behind schedule; we are basically left with 3 or 4 months for the transitional government of national unity to be formed. It is not going to be realistic if we do not FastTrack the process,” Gen. Lul said.

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Meanwhile, the Joint Defense Board says it is working on ways to speed up implementation of the security mechanisms.

Speaking after the discussion, SSPDF chief of staff, Jok Riak called on all the military commands to work together and agree on mechanisms to start cantonment of the forces.

“We are going to discuss the issue of cantonment sites and the cantonment sites need a lot of things and also its need time and the time is moving, we are going to have results at that and this result you will hear about it,” Gen. Riak said.

He also called for flexibility to initiate new ideas that can support the process.

Meanwhile, the defense board co-chair James Koang Chuol said the board will soon visit cantonment site across the country.

“Will visit you in all the places, areas of the SSPDF, the area of SPLA/IO and also places of SSOA forces, we will go there all of us.”

For his part, the chairperson of the National Pre-transitional period, Tut Gatluak appreciates the cooperation among them defense board members.

“You people, you don’t have any disagreement and you’re going on well and I want to tell you to continue with your meeting and in the end we want you to have resolutions and then we will implement the framework according to the timetable of peace implementation.”


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