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New Jonglei and Buma Governors sworn in

The governors of Jonglei and Buma states vow to continue with the efforts of uniting the citizens in their respective governments.

Speaking during the swearing in event of the newly appointed governor of Jonglei state at the State House in Juba, the governors pledged to address the underlying root causes of communal violence in the region.

They reiterate their commitment on working collectively to develop the region.

Speaking at the ceremony, Maker said “What we need is to reconcile our ranks and come together, and identify the issues that is hindering our development.  Our people are missing out on progress. We have to develop our people, our nation and enjoy the huge resources we have.”

Maker proceeded to pinpoint cattle rustling, child abductions and other forms of violence as main reasons denying developmental benefits in the area.

Buma state governor, David Yau Yau who was present at the swearing occasion at J1 follows up on Maker Thiong’s proclamation of promoting peace and unity between the two neighboring states.

“What is important always is to do things right. Yes we can promote the peace initiative in our communities that had always been in conflict. I promise my counterpart Maker Thiong, that I will work hand-in-hand with him so that we can bring peace to our people.”

A Human Security Survey done by PAX and Action Network of Small Arms last year, blames the lack of livelihood opportunities in the area to poor governance at the local and national levels.

It also points out competition over resources, and easy access to weapons. It further notes political conspiracies, and tribalism as the factors that majorly cause conflict in greater Jonglei area.

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The communities in greater Jonglei are mainly agro-pastoralists, who combine cattle-rearing with wet season crop farming

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