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No media intimidated by security this year – Media Authority

There has been no incident of confrontation between National security and media houses for almost a year, says the Chairperson of the Media Authority.

Elijah Alier said this is due to the operationalization of the media regulatory body that acts as an intermediary between the two institutions.

“For the last eight months or 1 year, there is no any incident where the media has been subjected to national security, unless if it is something not related to the media and it is something purely security in nature, this is what they can handle without us,� he told EyeRadio.

In previous reports, the committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ ranked South Sudan among countries with the most hostile environment for Journalists to operate.

Elijah Alier acknowledges this report but says the situation is gradually improving due to the enactment of the media laws and subsequent establishment of the Media Authority.

“Previously you will see government officials rushing to the media summoning them; that is no longer there now. If they have complain, they come to media authority. The media also if they have complaint, they come to the media authority,� he said.

The United Nations has adopted a total of five resolutions–three by the Human Rights Council, one by the General Assembly and the one by the Security Council–urging states to take measures to promote justice when journalists are attacked.

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