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Norman Magaya Interview On KTN That Got Uhuru Paranoid, Threatened All Media Against Covering Raila Events

By Eugene Nyambati

Norman Magaya Interview With Betty Kyalo:

You have been banned from Uhuru Park by the government, where else will Raila take his oath from?

Norman: Option one is Uhuru Park. Option two is Uhuru Park. Option three is Uhuru Park. If the three options fail, then our only option will be Uhuru Park.

Nairobi Business Community led by Moses Kuria will be inspecting the grounds for their planned event tomorrow, what is your say?

They can even go ahead and inspect KICC or archives if they want, that is none of our business. NBC is just a gang of Mungiki that we will deal with upfront, there and then.

Japheth Koome issued a warning yesterday that you shouldn’t come to Uhuru Park to avoid any confrontation with Nairobi Business Community.

Magaya: Being given a title, uniform, and sent to address a presser does not mean you understand the law. Koome is a legally ignorant fellow who shouldn’t even feature in our discussion here.

What kind of oath do you intend to administer to Raila Odinga tomorrow, the one stipulated by law for the presidency?

Norman: Definitely. There can be only one oath to be administered, that which will instal Raila as the President of the Republic of Kenya and nothing less.

Betty: We already have a legally sworn in President,Uhuru Kenyatta, can a country have two presidents at the same time?

Norman: Which President are you talking about? If it is Uhuru you are referring to, then that one just an imposter. The 5th President of the Republic of Kenya from tomorrow will be Raila Odinga.

Uhuru was sworn in by the Chief Justice himself which is clearly defined in our constitution, who will swear in Raila Odinga?

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Magaya: That should be the least of your business Betty. Jubilee amended the law paving way for any judge of the high court to carry out an oath. We warned them that such a law will hurt them and now we are, any judge will swear in Raila.

Betty: Lastly, where will you get the instruments of power and an army to control because KDF and police are currently under Uhuru Kenyatta and they will be used to block you from Uhuru Park again?

Whoever lied to you that Uhuru has the monopoly of violence is sick. We have planned everything Betty, just wait and watch how the events unfold. Where our army will come from shouldn’t bother you at all.

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