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Official cautions parties against appointing corrupt members

A member of the National Pre-transitional Committee has cautioned the parties against appointing individuals with corruption record in the secretariat.

According to the September agreement, the parties shall appoint a secretariat to be the custodian of a peace fund for the implementation.

In an exclusive interview with Eye Radio, Peter Mayen, who represents an opposition group in the body said the international community will not support the institution if officials they deemed as corrupt are made to run it.

“If they [international community] are to deal with people who had a record of corruption then definitely, they will not be in the position to do that.”

He said this will build the confidence of the partners to support the NPTC.

“If they [international community] deal with individuals who build the confidence of the international community to be able to support the NPTC, they will know that there is an accounting officer who is the head of the secretariat and basically the person is going to deal with this [funding] correctly.”

Mr. Mayen also suggests that parties must first raise part of the peace budget before seeking support from the international community.

“The budget is generally a summary that for us to implement the agreement we have to raise it. You need to have your own funding and after that, you can now start crying and ask for others.”


The NPTC is tasked with drawing a road-map for implementing the political tasks, including preparing a budget for the Pre-transitional period of 8 months.

It is comprising representatives from all the peace partners set up the ad hoc committees.

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The units include administration and finance, publicity and advocacy, security arrangements and governance and legal affairs.


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