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Uganda age limit repeal law referred to parliamentary committee

A law amending Uganda’s constitution to allow ageing leader Yoweri Museveni to extend his rule was introduced in parliament on Tuesday, at a session where nearly all its opponents were either barred or stayed away in protest.

Museveni, 73, has ruled Uganda since 1986. He is as yet ineligible to seek re-election in the next polls in 2021 because the existing constitution places an age ceiling of 75 on anyone aspiring to the presidency.

The bill brought to parliament would remove the age hurdle.

Parliament spokesman Chris Obore said the bill was read and then referred to a parliamentary committee.

“The committee will scrutinise it, hold public hearings and make a report on it … then it will be returned to the House,” he said.

A broad spectrum of Ugandans including the political opposition, religious leaders, rights activists and some members of the ruling party have voiced opposition to removing the age cap.

Last week, fighting broke out in parliament for two consecutive days between legislators opposed to the plan and those supporting it.

On the second day of the fighting, House Speaker Rebecca Kadaga suspended 25 MPs who oppose the law for three sessions for unruly conduct.

Security personnel, who MPs say were soldiers in plain clothes, were brought in to eject them and some MPs were injured in the process.

Dozens of other MPs from both the opposition and ruling party opposed to removing the age cap walked out of the House in solidarity and have vowed not to return for the duration of their colleagues’ suspension.

When the bill is brought back to the House, Obore said, parliamentarians will debate the committee’s findings, make their own recommendations and take a final vote.

Museveni’s bid to remain in power in Uganda, a prospective crude oil producer and Africa’s largest coffee exporter, follows a trend in the region.

In Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo efforts by leaders to change constitutional rules to retain power have sparked instability.


Cameroonians bemoan arrest of pregnant woman, social media still blocked

Cameroonians in the English-speaking regions are campaigning for the release of a five-month pregnant woman and her husband who were reportedly arrested by the security forces during the government repression on October 1.

The arrest of Sola Yundze and her husband Sakwe Frank from their home in Limbe in the South-West Region has generated the #FreeSola campaign on social media despite the internet blockade over the past three days.

According to political activist Kah Walla, the couple is under detention at the Buea Prison in the capital of the region.

Received report Sola Nyuykongmu Yundze 5 mths pregnant & husband arrested fm home in Limbe Oct 1. Held to date-Buea prison. RT pls #FreeSola— Kah Walla (@KahWalla) October 3, 2017

The government deployed the military and police officers to the two Anglophone regions two days ahead of a planned protest on October 1 to declare the two region independent of the country.

Amnesty International said 17 people were killed during the repression on the said date while over 200 were arrested.

Among the dead is the Deputy Mayor of Ndu, Martin Yembe, local media report despite warning by the government not to air views of the embittered regions demanding secession.

Deputy Mayor of Ndu Mr Martin Yembe MURDERED on Oct 1st but what puzzles me more is the silence of the Opposition. Farewell Sir ! 🙇‍♂️— 1000 Forms Of Fear (@randzejude) October 3, 2017

Internet connection was restored on Tuesday but the blockade on social media still persists.

“This Monday, October 2, access to key messaging services such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger is still suspended in the Northwest and South-West regions. Users who have access to these services are obliged to use virtual private networks (VPNs),” said Paul Joel Kamtchang, Deputy Secretary General of the Cameroon Journalists’ Union.

The government denied shutting down internet connection.

Just had our Internet access restored. Still need VPN to browse because there's still a barricade on social mediaafricatechie OliSankara— e Ms. Kwachou (@montrelz) October 3, 2017

Curfews have been imposed in the Anglophone regions and the people are on lock down.

Oh no Sola!Putting a pregnant woman in jail is the lowest of a state can do to a woman #freesola— FREE S.CMR (@AmRodrigo11) October 3, 2017

This is simple #FreeSola— Kah Walla (@KahWalla) October 3, 2017

Human Rights have been disrespected in all forms in Cameroon. Buea Prison is not a place for pregnant women #FreeSola— Atehwah Che (@Atehwah11) October 3, 2017

On the streets, gunned down. In their homes, pulled away like fugitives. Even unborn babies not safe.#Anglophones #Cameroon.#FreeSola— ARREY-ECHI (@arreyechi01) October 4, 2017

Ethiopian diplomat abandons delegation after UN Assembly, seeks asylum in U.S.

An Ethiopian diplomat who was part of the government delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York last month has sought political asylum in the United States.

Baye Tadesse Teferi, the state’s chief protocol officer, quit his job in the United States after serving over two years with the government, he told VOA Amharic on Tuesday.

በኢትዮጵያው ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ኃይለማርያም ደሳለኝ ፅሕፈት ቤት የፕሮቶኮል ኃላፊ አቶ ባዬ ታደሰ ተፈሪ በአሜሪካ የፖለቲካ ጥገኝነት ለመጠየቅ ወስነው ቀሩ።...— VOA Amharic (@VOAAmharic) October 3, 2017

He added that his decision was due to fears of being persecuted for political reasons.

Teferi attended the summit with the Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn who has since returned.

Ethiopia is regarded as one of Africa’s fastest growing economies yet many citizens have faced repression by security forces and the government.

In the past two years, protests were held in the Oromia and Amhara regions where tens of thousands of people flooded the streets denouncing marginalization by the government.

The Ethiopian government reacted with force to the protests, leading to the death of about a thousand people, arrests, state of emergency, internet shutdowns among other measures to stop the protests.

Minister of health loses daughter

South Sudan’s Minister of Health, Dr. Riek Gai Kok is grieving the sudden death of his daughter, Sara Riek Gai who passed away last week. Government top diplomat, Gordan Buay broke the news on social media earlier this week. “I am saddened to learn the untimely passing of the beloved daughter of our Minister of […]

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British foreign secretary in hot water again after Libya comment

Another headache for British Prime Minister Teresa May at the Conservative’s annual conference, and it is Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson again providing it.

The favourite of the party faithful has given a typical barnstorming conference performance this week. Now some typically unguarded comments about Libya have outraged many.

Boris Johnson’s speech is called “Let The Lion Roar”. #CPC17 #Boris— Karl Minns (@karlminns) October 3, 2017

“They’ve got a brilliant vision to turn Sirte into the next – with the help of the municipality of Sirte, to turn it into the next Dubai. The only thing they’ve got to do is clear the dead bodies away, and then they’ll be there,”
he said at a side meeting in Manchester. The comment produced laughter at the event, but a storm of criticism once it was made public. Several of his fellow Tory ministers and MPs also voiced disapproval.

German press have picked up, reported & horrified by BorisJohnson ‘making jokes’ about the dead in Libya. (UK’s chief diplomat, remember.)— Nina Schick (NinaDSchick) October 4, 2017

He has been unavailable for comment ever since amid renewed calls for his resignation, and some observers believe this latest gaffe may, if not cost him his job, at least see him put his leadership ambitions on hold.

Does he not understand the tastelessness of what he says? – Matthew Parris reacts to BorisJohnson’s comments on Libya— BBC Newsnight (BBCNewsnight) October 4, 2017

Teresa May has seen several of her recent public statements, on Brexit for example, contradicted or spun by Johnson but in public at least the pair maintain close-ranked unity, and conference is no place for
disagreement among the Conservative leadership.

German press have picked up, reported & horrified by BorisJohnson ‘making jokes’ about the dead in Libya. (UK’s chief diplomat, remember.)— Nina Schick (NinaDSchick) October 4, 2017

‘Stop harassing journo over Zimbabwe first lady underwear donation story’: rights body

Zimbabwean journalist Kenneth Nyangani arrested over a story he wrote about the first lady distributing second-hand underwear to ruling ZANU-PF party members has been charged with criminal nuisance.

His arrest on Monday night sparked a lot of condemnation with the journalists’ rights body Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) describing the action as “harassment” and “intimidation”.

The CPJ Africa Program Coordinator Angela Quintal called for his immediate release.

“Zimbabwean authorities should stop harassing Kenneth Nyangani and release him immediately without charge … The fact that police had to fish for a new charge because their first accusation was unconstitutional shows that this arrest is aimed squarely at intimidating Zimbabwean journalists into self-censorship,” she said in a statement.

The journalist working for local newspaper NewsDay is expected to appear in court on Wednesday, his lawyer Passmore Nyakureba said.

His story, also published on the news website on Monday reported that the First Lady Grace Mugabe had donated second-hand underwear to party members in Mutare.

This was the reason for his arrest in the night and detention.

ZANU-PF party members gathered at the police station in Mutare in solidarity with the first lady, local media report.

NewsDay described in its editorial on Wednesday that the arrest of its employee Kenneth Nyangani is “outright mischief, stupidity” by the authorities.

“No doubt, the intention is to send a chilling message to journalists and other media workers that they must self-censor rather than expose truths,” said the editorial published on their website.

Dynamq thrills Juba in three-days concert

Dynamq, the South Sudanese star who is based in the US, thrilled music lovers in a three-day concert in Juba City. Dynamq known as Torit  Lorya arrived in the capital, Juba for the ”Jere Jere” concert that saw him perform in Secret Corner, Basketball stadium and Boat cruise on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively. The […]

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Cameroon’s ‘unrest’ casualty figure uncertain [The Morning Call]

Controversy is brewing in Cameroon over the number of casualties recorded during the recent unrest in the country’s anglophone region.

Hospital sources say at least fifteen people were killed, at a time when the opposition has reported about thirty following the independence proclamation protests.

But countering all of these claims is Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, who maintains that there were no more than ten deaths.

The anglophone separatists had tried to symbolically proclaim independence on Sunday leading to clashes in two English-speaking regions of the country.

Trisha C dumps her rich boyfriend for Crazy Fox

Songbird Trisha C is not about the money, this is proven after the singer dumped her NGO employed dollar-earning boyfriend for ghetto based artist Crazy Fox. We are told the unnamed NGO guy who used to drive Trisha C to her shows around Juba now regrets having done all in his power to see the […]

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Queen Zee accuses new boyfriend and upcoming artist Kanya Di Lion of stealing $400

The first lady who has been rumoured to be dating fast-rising dancehall singer Kanya Di Lion is now an angry woman after her $400 went missing. A source close to the two singers say Queen Zee has accused Kanya Di Lion of stealing the money and kicked him out of her house and further threatens […]

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Silver X fights Mr Lengs at Dynamq’s video shoot in Juba

It looks like Ustaz ta Dunia, Silver X now embraces controversy. Just last week his baby mama accused him of neglecting her and their newborn baby. According to a source, an intoxicated Silver X has physically attacked Mr. Lengs on Tuesday evening at a star-studded video shoot of Kawaja and Dynamq. Silver who lives in […]

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