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State Briefing: Jonglei State

State Capital: Bor Approximate population: 1,443,500 Number of IDPs sheltering in the state: 579,700 Jonglei is the largest state in South Sudan and one of the areas hardest hit by conflict. Three days after the civil war started in Juba 15 December2013 the state became a battle ground.  The SPLA division led by Peter Gadet... Read more »

Can artist campaigns help reunite the centre and the periphery in Sudan?

In the 1990s, as the war continued to escalate in Southern Sudan, Northern Sudanese activists arrived in conflict-affected areas in what was called a ‘peace convoy’. Initially the activists felt they were “mistrusted and no-one wanted to speak” to them...

State Briefing: Warrap State

Capital: Kuajok Approximate Population: 972,928. Internally Diplaced People (IDP) sheltering in the state: 8,800 Warrap State is located in the north of South Sudan, in the Greater Bahr el-Ghazal region. Warrap borders Abyei, a contested area between Sudan and South Sudan. The majority of Warrap’s inhabitants are Dinka, but Luo, Bongo and other smaller ethnic groups also... Read more »

State Briefing: Unity State

Capital: Bentiu Approximate Population: 585,801 Internally Displaced People (IDP) sheltering in the state: 265,500 While parts of South Sudan have been relatively calm in July, Unity State is still severely insecure.  In the last two weeks the agreement on cessation of hostilities has been violated by clashes between the SPLA and the SPLA-in-Opposition (SPLAiO) in... Read more »

Introducing State Briefings

Through a series of short briefs on developments at state level since the start of the civil war in 2013, the team behind Monitoring South Sudan hopes to provide a more comprehensive overview of the nature of the conflict and the impact of violence. As always, through the commentary field we encourage our readers to... Read more »

State Briefing: Upper Nile State

Capital: Malakal Approximate population: 964,353  Internally Displaced People (IDP) sheltering in Upper Nile: 194,200 Upper Nile State is situated in the north-east, bordering Ethiopia and Sudan. It is considered a marginalised state, heavily affected by decades of civil war and with poor infrastructure and accessibility (especially in the rainy season). Although imbuing areas around Renk... Read more »

Decentralization and Federalism are Faces of the Same Coin

By John A. Akec*A Week Cannot be Longer than Seven DaysIf you catch cold and seek medical advice, it will take you only a week to recover from it; and if you don’t see your doctor, the cold will last for only seven days to get over. This was how we wou...

First days back in Juba

On the surface everything seems normal. Traffic is as crazy as it used to be, people are out walking, shops are open and women are selling mangoes on the roadside as before. There are a few noticeable changes; more holes and bumps in some of the roads, other roads have been repaired, a high wall […]

Returning to Juba

The first time I went to South Sudan was in April 2012 and the country was almost at war with Sudan. I remember sitting at my gate in Addis, waiting to board my flight to Juba, feeling scared and nervous. It felt like standing on a trampoline before diving into deep water. The best advice […]

Freedom to Hassan Ishaq, the journalist and my friend

Dear Hassan,It took me two days to really comprehend that you were really arrested. Minutes after your arrest, a friend posted the news on Facebook, he only wrote "Hassan Ishaq was arrested".I asked if it is Hassan the journalist. I did what any p...

Sudan protest victims still seeking justice

At around 3 p.m. on the extraordinarily hot afternoon of May 28, Sara Abdel-Bagi's mother stood in front of the Bahri court complex in shock and in tears. In the middle of the street, with one hand in the air, she screamed, "There i...

Me against my brother: The defection of General Dau Aturjong Nyuol

President Kiir had of late made two appointments that would ensconce rebellion in the state of Northern Bahr El Ghazal in the form of pitting rivalries against each other. Of the significant appointment is that of the army’s chief, general Paul Malong ...

Mariam Yahia’s Story

Mariam Yahia, a mother in her 20s is currently facing apostasy and adultery charges under Sudan's Criminal Law of 1991. Yahia is accused of leaving Islam and converting to Christianity in a complaint brought against her by a family claiming to be her d...

South Sudan Immigration Authority

Ministry of Internal Affairs South Sudan
Juba, South Sudan
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Obtaining a passport
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Durham University visiting scholars applications open

The Sudanese Studies Programme at Durham University, led by the Departments of Law and History, calls for applications, particularly from Sudan and South Sudan nationals, for three one-term visiting scholarships based at Grey College, Durham, for September-December 2014. For the … Continue reading

Malong Awan and Marial Nuor

Paul Malong Awan Anei in Military Uniform. Photo credit: Anthony ChimirPresident Kiir has made another shake up, this time in the military. The army’s chief of general staff, James Hoth Mai, and the head of military intelligence, Major General Mac Paul...

Economy of South Sudan

Gross Domestic Product 2012 GDP (purchasing power parity): $9.664 billion (2012 est.) GDP real growth rate: -55% GDP per capita (PPP): $900 Inflation: -11.09% June 2013 Currency: South Sudanese Pound Business Languages The commercial languages include the following English Arabic lingua francas Dinka Transport South Sudan has a total of 7,000 kilometers of road network ...

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