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Parenting: Common baby milestones you should look out for

Has your below one year old child started doing these things?

Parenting involves keeping a track of your child’s milestones.

Sometimes, some kids are faster than others. It’s normal for your child to be late in crawling for instance. You should not panic if your child does not hit some milestones because some kids skip some. You’ll find that some kids, instead of crawling, will use their bum to move from point A to B. Others will not even crawl for instance and will simply start walking on their own. However, if you’re concerned, you could visit a pediatrician and find out if there’s any reason to be worried. Normally, these are the most common milestones fro kids under one year:


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1 month:

The baby stares at faces and lifts the head when lying on the tummy.

2 months:

Notices hands, follows objects that move across the field of vision.

3 months:

Recognizes mother’s face.

4 months:

Smiles and laughs.

5 months:

Play with hands and feet.

6 months:

Rolls over in both directions.

7 months:

Sits without support.

8 months:

Passes objects from hand to hand.

9 months:

Stands while holding on to something.

10 months:

Crawls well and waves goodbyes.

11 months:

Stands alone for a couple of seconds and plays peek-a-boo.

12 months:

Imitates others, starts to express desires with gestures.

(H/T: Additional reporting by Couture Africa)

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