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Positive aspect “RCM” brought back to live:May 16, 1983

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

One of the positive aspect the so called “RCM” brought back to live is, May 16; a historical day that has been inadvertently forgotten by Juba’s elites since they became “millionaires” with South Sudan’s resources. This historical day many of us have been celebrating since childhood, has not been celebrated like it used to be since independence, July 9, 2011. There were time it’s been postponed in juba as if it’s not an important day, for reason many of us don’t comprehend. And this has been disrespectful to many, whose family members lost their lives, fighting for us to be freed.

Now, since “RCM” set it as the day to protest (not sure of why they chose this important day) many South Sudanese from Diaspora and home, came out in a full force as, “Happy May 16; this is a historical day that can’t be messed up with because many heroes/heroines died for the struggle of South Sudanese.” I’ve even seen soldiers monument, making rounds on social media, and many other things tied to this historical day. Great thing, right? Well, should I say, “Ngoth?” It seems we hear through our eyes, not through our ears anymore!

Sometimes, it takes weird thing to awaken something an important completely forgotten. finally, we’ve come to our conscious now, to remember May 16, 1983, a day South Sudanese took up arms against their oppressor-Arabs.

A few days ago, when I heard of protest, I gave it a blessing to go ahead as long as it’s a “peaceful” protest, because protest is the only way citizens expressed their angers, and a watchful government will look at protest, then, amended what she lost her focus on, then, recalibrated, but not to kill her citizens for going on streets. And this is what South Sudan government should be doing as many citizens are mad at her government. However, I’ve read many articles loaded on facebook that, “RCM” is tribal based moment that “wants to overthrow Dinka” as if government is a Dinka. If we’re fair, is Salva Kiir head of Dinka, or the government that included other tribes that want to go on protest? If so, then, why censored their rights? This was my argument last week.

Well, is there anything that isn’t a tribal based in South Sudan? If one looks at SPLM-IG, it’s basically dominated Dinka government. If one looks at SPLM-IO, It’s dominated Nuer moment. If one looks at NAS, it’s dominated equatoria based moment. So, nothing isn’t tribal based in South Sudan. So, let’s agree that we’re tribalist wizards whether being a Dinka, Nuer, Azande, Shilluk, etc! So stops pretending!

Now, this “RCM” moment that said, “Kiir Must Go!” have Kiir delivered the best speech he never delivered since 2005 to present. I’ve even heard him saying, “the government lost SPLM vision.” Did he say that right? Isn’t the reason he jailed his colleagues a few years ago when they said, “SPLM lost its vision?” Why now, that he admitted that, “the SPLM LOST ITS VISION?” Folks, it seems change is coming to South Sudan. Maybe the Holy man foot’s kissed recalibrated Kiir brain! Therefore, I wish this “RCM” made up their minds, and heard calls from their fellow citizens: South Sudanese to abandon their scheduled May 16, 2019 protest, and give peace a chance since Kiir is now on his feet to straighten things up. You’ve put President Kiir back to work. So, calls off your protest. And let’s celebrate May 16, 2019 instead. HAPPY MAY 16, 1983!


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