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Pres. Kiir continue to suffocate standards of his own Ceasefire: PR

AUG/31/2017; Contact: Daniel Zingifuaboro

On the 22nd of May 2017, in Juba, President Salva Kiir inaugurated an exclusive national dialogue and announced a unilateral ceasefire. SSNMC agree in principle the need for South Sudan national dialogue so as to help heal the wounds in our hearts and in our society and bring sustainable peace so badly needed by the people of South Sudan.

However, SSNMC doubt whether President Kiir is doing this in good faith or it is a political spin to confuse South Sudanese, regional and international bodies to maintain his grip on power. The later is proving to be true.

First, lets talk about the unilateral ceasefire. Salva Kiir continues to call on all opposition groups to renounce violence, put their arms down and return to Juba for his so-called implementation of Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS); while at the same time continues to asphyxiate standards of his own unilateral ceasefire.

If the opposition groups had accepted the phony call of Salva Kiir to put down their guns and walk to Juba for the national dialogue, what would have happened to them in the many areas that Salva Kiir has launched unprovoked military attacks (Maiwut, Pagak, Yei, Maridi, Raja, to mentioned but a few)?

This would have amounted to total annihilation of the oppositions similar to what he attempted in July 2017 when SPLM-IO came in good faith to implement the ARCSS, and later were attacked and chased out of Juba. Is he immune from his own unilateral ceasefire?

Why should he not lead by example by denouncing violence himself? Salva Kiir can fool people most of the time but not all the time.

The current forged First Vice President is by his own or being used to destroy the Nuer people and other ethnic groups. He is unhappy with the IGAD’s prospect of ARCSS “revitalization”, supported by Troika’s view that the current TGoNU is “absolute”.

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Therefore, the continuous claims by the fake TGoNU of full implementation of ARCSS is an absolute fib designed by its architects to confuse, delay or derail the peace process and in order to create an impression in minds of IGAD, AU, UN and others that things are okay. IGAD and the International bodies should know very well that things are not right in South Sudan.

They equally know that the self-proclaimed national dialogue is exclusive, not transparent and is conducted in an atmosphere of intimidation such that no one can freely express their views without being apprehended or persecuted.

For example, on 20th of August 2017, Radio Tamazuj reported that a Journalist by name Mr. Peter Moi Julius was kidnapped and killed at Gudele residential area in Juba on the night of the 19th August 2017.

This brings the magnitude of media oppression, lack of freedom of expression and killing of journalists in South Sudan to 58 so far.

IGAD and the entire international bodies are fully aware that the Government of South Sudan has abrogated several agreements including its own unilateral ceasefire.

They know that the current TGoNU is “absolute”. They know that South Sudan is a hostage to tribal elites called the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). They know that President Kiir is implementing his “16 reservations” on ARCSS instead of implementing ARCSS in letter and spirit.

They should know that South Sudan is importing weapons from Russia as reported by African Press on 30th August 2017.

The people of South Sudan are suffering, but according to the actions of President Kiir, they deserve nothing other than to die. SSNMC would like to assert that things are not Okay at all in South Sudan.

Majority of South Sudanese intellectuals are predicting that South Sudan is heading to a very protracted conflict if the IGAD, AU, UN, Troika and others do not act quick enough to avert this catastrophe.

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Second, lets thrash out the national dialogue. Human rights organizations have repeatedly reported about abuses across the country. They have indicated that there is no freedom of expression and association for people to air out their views without fear of being persecuted.

As we write, there are attacks launched by the same government in various areas, and lawmakers in Lakes State are arbitrarily detained for simply expressing their views on the national dialogue.

Hence, there are clear indications that anyone who freely express contrary views on issues
causing conflict in South Sudan are targeted, apprehended and/or killed. SSNMC maintains that for national dialogue to be successful, the mandate should emerge from a consensus among the stakeholders to ensure that all participants, even those on the fringes, agree to the mandate.

It is our conviction that before the national dialogue would take place, all must agree to lay down their arms; government to lift the ongoing state of emergency; release all political detainees and open corridors for humanitarian assistance as pre-requisite for national

This will create conducive atmosphere for people to gather and express themselves on national issues without victimization.

In conclusion, the international bodies and human rights groups should watch what is happening in South Sudan with care, especially the recent war in Maiwut and Pagak. The JCE has paralyzed the South Sudanese society.

For example, the case of JCE who are using the forged First Vice President to destroy his own Nuer Community and others for personal gains. In essence when a tribal elite group motivates another tribal elite groups to fight its own people is tantamount to genocide.

The perpetrators call this “counterinsurgency” plan. They loot South Sudanese resources and use it against the South Sudanese and to keep their grip on power. They loan money to stockpile weapons, including chemical weapons, to destroy their own people instead of feeding them.

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For example, the African Press report cited above that South Sudan is importing weapons from Russia. If the reports from Pagak are to be believed then, this could be an opportunity for IGAD, AU, UN, Troika and others to investigate the weapons captured by the SPLM/A-IO in Pagak from the genocide orchestrated by the JCE and carried out by Taban Deng Gai on his own Nuer people.

There are anecdotal evidence that Taban Deng Gai is flying with money, bribing South Sudanese and Non-South Sudanese to carry out his brutal agenda to maintain his forged position of First Vice President at the expense of the innocent folks of South Sudan.

His desperate attempt to maintain grip on power has forced him to resort to kidnapping Refugees in East Africa to be deported to Juba to prove his loyalty to President Kiir and the JCE.

SSNMC solely agree with US Senators Bob Corker and Christopher A. Coons’ letter to the US Secretary of the Treasury, the Hon. Steven Mnuchin, on August 1, 2017 to “cut off the free flow of resources to political and military elites” in South Sudan, which makes them to “enrich themselves and fuel violence.”

The dimensions of conflict in South Sudan are becoming complex day-by-day. It is paramount to act now than to let things go out of hand. Such move will precipitate peace and stop South Sudanese tribal elites from enriching themselves while maintaining their grip on power at the expense of the suffering folks of South Sudan.

August 31, 2017
Contact: Daniel Zingifuaboro,
South Sudan National Movement for Change, SSNMC
Phone: +61 474 047 016


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