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PS4: ‘The Last of Us’ Part 2 gameplay walkthrough and combat tips

If you have finished The Last of Us, then you probably are quite familiar with how the game works. However, the new PlayStation 4 game The Last of Us Part 2 brings much to learn along with it so you may quickly find yourself in unfamiliar territory.

This includes features ranging from Ellie’s new stealth options to seamless dodging during one-on-one encounters.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, here is a list of combat-related tips and tricks to help you on your journey into the world of the infected.

Beginner combat tips

  • Stealth killings may not always be the most fun, but they are the safest. If possible, try and take out your enemy from behind. You could attempt to take them out from the side if you happen to be close enough. Just be sure to close the gap before they notice you!
  • Crouching is a good way to improve your accuracy but lying down will increase it much more.
  • Use items that are lying around as often as you can such as bottles and bricks. It can be quite useful to throw at your opponent to stun them or to lure them into one place.
  • If you are killing human NPCs, make sure to clear out of the area as soon as possible.This is because there is a good chance their comrades could show up and blow your cover.
  • Double Tap. Ever seen Zombieland? Then you know exactly what I mean by this. Make sure a zombie is actually dead before walking away.
  • Be on the lookout for gun holsters! This makes swapping weapons more efficient.
  • It may not feel very heroic but running away is okay. This will allow Ellie to be able to hide while you catch your breath. Be careful though, enemies’ response time will be increased if they know you are in the area.
  • Save ammunition by letting multiple enemy factions take each other out if you happen to be in the same area.
  • And finally, be careful while crafting! The game does not freeze time while you are in your crafting menu so just be sure to get to a safe spot when you decide it’s time for a health pack.
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Advanced combat tips

The Last of Us Part 2 gaming PS4
Remember to use your silencer in ‘The Last of Us’ Part 2
  • Strategise, strategise, strategise. Experimenting is always a great idea, for example, Trap Mines at entry points can make quick work of your enemies.
  • If they are wearing jeans, kill’ em! You will eventually reach an area where there will be infected walls with stalkers lodged in them. If they are wearing jeans, they are the ones who are about to pounce.
  • Use pistol silencers and do not ignore your silence count. This is important because an accidental loud shot can blow your cover. You can find your silence count underneath your gun’s icon, separate from the ammo. Make sure to keep track of how many silenced shots you have left.
  • Do not try to get up when knocked down. This is a good tip for any zombie game, really, if you are knocked down: Shoot from your position on the ground instead of wasting time trying to get back up.
  • Lastly, when fighting humans, use your surroundings to hide. Try approaching things from a different angle each time if you keep dying.

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