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R-JMEC expects IBC formation within a week or two

Some progress has been made towards formation of the Independent Boundaries Commission in the coming days, according to the deputy chief of staff of R-JMEC. 

This is one of the mechanisms to be formed 12 days from the signing of the revitalized agreement – a deadline that the parties never met.

“It’s been several issues we are trying to work through, for one thing – the countries are … trying to get people who understand those issues,” Dr. Thomson Fontaine explained the delay.

As per the agreement, the IBC  shall comprise of technocrats from South Africa, Chad, Algeria, Rwanda and Nigeria, including reps of the peace parties.

Once this is completed, they will then determine the number of states suitable for South Sudan.

Countries such as Nigeria and Algeria have already submitted names of their nationals to serve on the IBC.

Dr Fontaine said with such progress, he is optimistic that the committee shall be formed in the next few weeks.

He said there is determination: “In fact we have taken the position that as soon as we get 8 out of the 10 members, we will go ahead and start the work.”

“Hopefully within a week or two, then the ‘International Boundaries Commission’ will be formed and we will the begin work,” Dr.Fontaine said.

He warned against failure to implement this provision.

“The fact is that this issue needs to be resolved before the government takes over. This is such a critical part of the provision that we are doing everything [to succeed].”

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The state and tribal boundaries will be determined according to the 1956 colonial map.

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